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About LUI Aura

LUI_Aura is a very lightweight addon that allows you to track

Buffs / Debuffs / Casts / Abilities / Cooldowns / Threat
Resources /  Attributes / Units / Keybinds / Gadget / AMPs / Innate


  • Type /luiaura (or /la or /louiaura) to open the option panel or
  • Press the LUI Aura Button on the Main Menu / Escape Menu to open the option panel.


  • Support for Dynamic Aura Groups.
  • Support for Progress Bars.
  • Support for LUI Media.
  • Support for Trigger Groups with individual group behavior.
  • Support for Focus Target / Target of Target tracking.
  • Support for Ingame Sharing as well as importing, exporting auras, aura-groups, bars, spells, trigger.
  • Support for Spellslinger abilities (surged) and Engineer Bot Abilities.
  • Support for Buff/Debuff Ownership tracking (Ignite Debuff!)
  • Show auras only in certain zones/subzones like Datascape -> Avatus.
  • Show auras only when using certain Actionsets and/or Stances.
  • Predefined Auras/Buffs/Debuffs for Datascape, Genetic Archives and Augmentors.
  • Over 1000 different icons / sprites / textures.
  • More options and ways to setup your aura, than you can ever imagine!

FAQ / Guides:

  • How do Auras, Triggers work? Basic Usage Tutorial: Link 
  • How to add custom sounds / images to LUI Aura: Link 
  • How to use Script Trigger: Link 


Thanks to Bloodpact (my guild) for supporting me and especially Scorp who is always willing to test stuff and keeps me going. Thank you guys! <3



Loui NaN

LUI Aura v3.054

  • Fixed a problem due to changes made by carbine.

LUI Aura v3.053

  • Added Redmoon Terror to Zone-Whitelist

LUI Aura v3.052

  • Updated API Version

LUI Aura v3.051

  • Fixed a problem of sources for icon/bar/overlay/texts not adjusting accordingly when moving trigger up or down.
  • Fixed a problem of auras that are drawn on unit's of not showing up after login/reloadui.
  • Fixed a problem of old LUI Aura versions not getting converted.
  • Made further optimizations of how trigger get checked for their state and potential trigger effects.

LUI Aura v3.05

  • You can now change the order of triggers, which is important since the success/failure of a trigger can effect other triggers and whether or not they will get checked.
  • When checking an Aura with behavior set to 'All' or 'None', all remaining trigger will be ignored once the aura's behavior can no longer be matched.
  • When checking an Aura with behavior set to 'Always' or 'Any' all remaning trigger will be ignored once the first trigger succeeds.
  • The same rules apply for trigger groups and their containing children.
  • Improved performance by quite a bit, because of these changes.
  • Fixed an issue with premade Datascape Aura Group.

LUI Aura v3.04

  • Ingame Changelog Notification will now remember if you already read them on a different character.
  • Fixed an issue with trigger group effects not getting applied.
  • Fixed an issue with aura border not get applied under certain circumstances.

LUI Aura v3.03

  • Improved Aura/Group Export to produce shorter strings in order to export larger groups.
  • Updated predefined DS/GA/Y83 Auras to be much prettier.
  • Added Medic Actuator Resourcebar to list of predefined auras.
  • Fixed an issue with Pyrokinetic Flame Aura being part of the predefined Buff instead of Debuff Group.
  • Fixed an issue with Voidpact tracking the wrong Spell Id. (part of predefined Debuff Group)
  • Fixed an issue with predefined debuff auras. (unit trigger was not setup correctly)
  • Fixed an issue with displaying Trigger Effects from triggers that are part of a trigger group.
  • Fixed an issue with trigger still being available as source, when being disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with trigger still getting tracked from the addon, when being disabled.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when trigger with behavior ignore, require a certain unit to exist (target,focus,tot).
  • Made some improvements and bugfixes to the option panel.
  • Improved performance by quiet a bit.

LUI Aura v3.025

  • Fixed a problem when tracking buffs/debuffs that have stacks.
  • You can now also track the owner of buffs and debuffs (added checkbox to buff/debuff trigger).
    • This way you can either allow all buffs and debuffs or only the ones you have created / not have created (all/self/not-self).
    • Example: Debuff Trigger to track Spellslinger "Ignite" debuff should only track your debuff and ignore debuff from other players.

LUI Aura v3.024

  • Fixed a minor problem of textboxes wrongly forcing you to type in a number.
  • Added "Esper Psi Points" to list of premade auras (accessible via global options).

LUI Aura v3.023

  • Added full featured target castbar to list of premade auras (accessible via global options).
  • Fixed a minor problem that occurred when dynamically switching between aura icons.
  • Fixed a minor problem of aura sources not getting deleted.

LUI Aura v3.022

  • Added support for charged casts to Cast Trigger.
  • Added percentage condition to Cast Trigger.
  • Trigger behavior set to "Ignore" will no longer auto-pass trigger effect checks.
  • In order for a trigger effect to get executed, the trigger truly has to match the effect's behavior.
  • Fixed a problem with aura's sometimes not properly hiding when having end-animations.
  • Fixed a minor problem when using the color picker at trigger effects.
  • Fixed a minor problem when changing radial progress bar color as trigger effect.

LUI Aura v3.021

  • Fixed a problem when using Slide-Animations.
  • Fixed a minor problem when adjust dynamic group transition effect duration.
  • Fixed a minor issue with Animation Presets

LUI Aura v3.02

  • Introducing Animations - You can now assign predefined or self-made animations to your auras.
    • There are 2 different kind of animations available:
      • Start: Choose the animation that gets played once when the aura gets displayed.
      • End: Choose the animation that gets played once when the aura gets hidden.
    • You can choose between several different animation effects and configure/combine them as you wish for each animation individually.
    • Added Transition Effect (slide) to Auras within a Dynamic Aura Group, which occurs when an Aura changes its position within the group.
  • Added Continents to Zone White-list.
  • Added Keybinding as Label Text for Ability and Cooldown Trigger Sources.
  • Removed all pre-installed Auras. (You can import pre-installed Auras under Global Settings.)
  • Added "Taunts" to pre-installed Auras. (Available at Global Settings)
  • Fixed a problem of Progress Bar Trigger Effect Invert Setting not getting applied.
  • Fixed a problem of not tracking correct MOO duration when MOO has already started.
  • Fixed a problem of buff/debuff duration's being recalculated while already being displayed and therefor resetting overlay/bar progress.
  • Fixed several problems with pre-installed Auras.
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
  • Made some minor performance improvements.
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