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About WhatTheRune

As of version 1.7 WhatTheRune replaces the default Runecrafting interface with a smaller,  more informative one.

Ever wanted to make a rune but forgot what materials you needed to buy on Commodity Exchange? Then this addon is just for you.

WhatTheRune will allow you to open the RuneCrafting interface anywhere you want. (The actual crafting still has to be done at a runestation)

You can display the screen through the menu, key binding, slash command (/wtr) or pin it on the favorites bar.

New feature: Filters


  • Fixed a bug which showed itself when a 3rd party addon opens WTR while the user never opened WTR directly.
  • Fixed a few potential bugs which could emerge in very specific situations.
  • Added support for RuneMaster 0.4 and up.
  • Changed the buff filter graphics to be more like the rest, it used the default holo list before.


  • Fixed equip tab to support more then 5 runeslots
  • Fixed clear filter bug, the "type of buff" filter also resets now
  • Added PvP to filters


  • Added "type of buff" filter. So you can filter for lets say "Runes with Moxie" or "Runes with Brutality"
  • Fixed some code so the new Equip implementation in 2.1 will go smoother (and faster)


  • Added "No grouping" filter, all runes will be shown in 1 list, it still is divided by elementtype
  • Completed implementation of hooks that other add-on's can call. Keep you're eyes open for the new version of RuneMaster, it will be the first to use them.
  • Modified the way to check if you are at a runestation
  • Modified some cosmetics


  • Added 2 filters so you can show runes that you can make and/or use (more to come!)
  • Added hook so other addons can open WhatTheRune with a schematicId (RuneMaster will be using it)


  • Fixed bug, when you resize the form (through other add on) the "Rune Creation" and "Equip" text would wander out of their bounding boxes. (Reported by Juan Alvarez)


  • Added equipment tab to place runes on your gear
  • Customized the popup windows when you equip a rune
  • Customized the overall look and feel (more improvements needed on equip tab)
  • Replaced the Carbine Runecrafting interface completely, no more bulky interface
  • Equip runes on empty sockets without the need of the runestation
  • Enabled crafting (need runestation for actual crafting)
  • Remade a few sprites


  • Changed the complete spritesheet so the regular interface will remain the way it should be.
  • Preparations are made to fully replace the runecrafting station. In the next version this addon will takeover the original Runecrafting from carbine, Then you can use the smaller layout also for crafting and not just for looking :)
  • New sprites created, it all loads and works much quicker then before
  • The lists are (finally) properly aligned


  • Changed the element buttons so they are more clear
  • Added a tooltip on the element buttons so you can see what is what (tnx for the tip Otagamo)
  • Added a small banner with the currently selected rune element group
  • Reduced memory-usage on the small UI


  • Fixed a minor bug when showing classicons in the pvp sets
  • Added the first release of an alternative layout, You can switch between the original and the new one with the little button on the top left of the screen
  • Added windows save and reload positions when u close the addon/game


  • Added classicons on runes that have a class restriction
  • Added tooltip with number of missing items


  • Added support for API 9


  • Added missing resources count to the listing.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs, mainly coloring issues.


  • Initial release of WhatTheRune
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