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About BotZapper

What BotZapper does:

  1. Detects Bots
  2. Prompts user to report bot.
  3. Automatically fills out ticket information

How it works:

It watches nearby players around you. If they're moving too fast too often, then they gain "suspicion" from the addon. Once they reach a certain amount of suspicion it will prompt the player that it think that it found a bot. Before reporting, the addon will show you what evidence it has found against a specific player. You can choose to report, gather more evidence, or ignore the player completely. When a player is reported by BotZapper, it will be ignored again for the rest of the session.

Suspicion is gained by:

  • Moving quicker than the threshold for a certain number of updates
  • Having zero buffs
  • Being lower level than the zone they're in
  • Gathering

Suspicion cannot be gained unless they're detected to be moving too quickly. Having an authenticator greatly lowers their suspicion as this is considered a false positive.

GUI: You can open it with "/bz"

Nearby List: Simply a list of players near you. You are given basic information about what they've been doing in the last 15 seconds you've been tracking them. Reported or Ignored players will not show up on this list.

Watch List: A list of players that you have seen who have generated any amount of suspicion. You're given basic information about what they may have done to generate suspicion. You can click on a unit in this list to generate a report. Reported or Ignored players will not show up on this list.

Report/Ignore List: A list of players that have been reported or ignored. Players on this list are accompanied by a reason as to why they're ignored. Players placed on this list expire in 7 days. Friends, group members, and your local player are automatically added to this list.

I've tested this extensively for false positives, and avoiding them is my main goal. If you're using BotZapper and  you're not 100% sure that it was encountered by a bot, use the "Gather More Info" button and only report them after you're 100% sure. If you think that you found a false positive, you can screen capture the data gathered and upload it to imgur and post it as a comment or as an issue on the github issues page.

Made by [email protected] <Blood and Iron>

Updating to API v9. Now ignoring Fist of Azrion/Widowmaker.


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