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About nPrimeNameplates

The configuration screen is available from the options menu or the chat command /npnp


Q: What are the unit frames in the screenshot?
A: Something else I've been working on. Don't know when I will release it.


Check also out my other addons here

Version 1.3.5

  • Fixed an issue that caused non-harvestable harvest nodes to be displayed
  • Fixed an issue that caused class/level not to properly update according to combat state
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error when a unit switched combat state
  • Units with uninitialized position are now always shown instead of always hidden
  • Removed matrix row: 'Class/Level'
  • Removed matrix row: 'Casting/CC'
  • Added matrix row: 'Class'
  • Added matrix row: 'Level'
  • Added matrix row: 'Casting Bar'
  • Added matrix row: 'CC Bar'
  • Configuration option 'Low health indicator threshold' renamed to 'Low health threshold'
  • New configuration option: 'Low health threshold (friendly)'
  • Minimum bar scale changed from 100% to 50%
  • The height of the guild/affiliation text has been reduced

Version 1.3.4

  • Fixed an issue that caused the challenge icons to be visible when logging in
  • Fixed an issue that caused the target nameplate not to update properly to several events
  • Changed configuration option: 'Health color change' increments changed from 1 to 5
  • Renamed configuration option: from 'Hide full health bars' to 'Hide main bars if health is full'
  • New configuration option: 'Hide main bars if shield is full'
  • Tooltips added to sliders in general settings
  • The configuration screen has been reworked to work better with smaller screens, as well as more easily allow for future additions

Version 1.3.3

  • Fixed an issue that prevented units without nameplates to get a nameplate when getting an activation state
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the interrupt armor indicator from updating
  • Fixed an issue that caused mount nameplates to show for hostile units
  • Fixed an issue that caused friendly units to sometimes be filtered out even if they were objectives
  • Fixed an issue that caused nameplates to initialize with wrong anchoring if the unit was mounted
  • Nil comparison in CC update should be fixed
  • Nil comparison in health text should be fixed
  • Friend icons for account friends should be working
  • The interrupt armor indicator has been reworked
  • The target indicator has been reworked to accommodate the new interrupt armor indicator
  • The target indicator is now colored by unit type
  • 'Hide full health bars' now also check shield
  • New configuration option: 'Legacy targeting'

Version 1.3.2

  • Some optimization in regards to the new friend/rival icons
  • Added tooltips to the matrix column headers
  • Some configuration tooltips were wrong after 1.3 and should now be fixed
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the target nameplate from updating properly
  • Fixed an issue that caused mounted units to trigger occlusion when not occluded
  • Fixed an issue that caused corrupt player units to spawn nameplates
  • Fixed an issue that prevented units from hiding their nameplate when targeted

Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed an issue where NPC nameplates without affiliation would make room for affiliation disregard
  • Fixed an issue where health would not properly update when exiting combat
  • Issues with stuck cast bars should hopefully be resolved
  • The configuration window has been somewhat reorganized and resized to hopefully fit into smaller screens

Version 1.3

  • Vertical nameplate arrangement should now happen without a slight delay
  • Level, class and icons are now anchored to the sides of the unit's name
  • New quest, challenge and path icons
  • Added NPC rank icons
  • Resource bar textures have been slightly tweaked
  • Removed matrix row: 'Simple'
  • Added matrix row: 'Health'
  • Added matrix row: 'Class/Level'
  • Renamed matrix row: from 'Extra Bars' to 'Casting/CC'
  • Removed configuration option: 'Swap class/level'
  • Removed configuration option: 'Enable nameplate occlusion'
  • New chat command: /npnp occlusion
  • New configuration option: 'Bar Size'
  • New configuration option: 'Font Size'
  • New configuration option: 'Alternative font'
  • New configuration option: 'Fade non-targeted'
  • New configuration option: 'Cleanse indicator'
  • New configuration option: 'Dynamic vertical position' (experimental'ish)
  • New configuration option: 'Show health as percent'
  • New configuration option: 'Vertical offset'
  • New icon: Friend
  • New icon: Rival
  • Fixed an issue where certain units would not get a nameplate when entering combat
  • Fixed an issue where Moment of Opportunity sometimes would not show up on the CC bar
  • Fixed an issue where the CC bar would disappear when targeting an enemy currently crowd controlled
  • Interrupt armor should now indicate infinite armor
  • Critters should should now be filtered out
  • Max draw distance has been reduced to 150m
  • Clickable nameplate area is now the unit name and the health bar
  • 'Show harvest nodes' is now enabled by default
  • Nameplate occlusion is now enabled by default
  • New exception: 'Wilderrun Trap'
  • The targeting indicator has been changed to work better with the new nameplate structure
  • Various changes and tweaks to the configuration window
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