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About IconLoot

IconLoot is an alternative to Carbine's LootNotificationWindow.  It provides a customizable notifications for loot that you receive.

To access the IconLoot configuration, type /iconloot

Potato's Comments as Maintainer:

Here's a list of improvements I've got listed up. They obviously won't all make it into the first update, but they'll leak a few at a time. Improvements with strikethrough have been implemented.

  • Resizing and Toggling Loot Notification popup
  • Filtering
    • Blacklist system for specific items
    • Blacklisting item types (signs, runes, etc)
    • Toggle off certain path/quest items, etc
  • Pausing the list scroll while hovering
  • Possible UI tweaks
    • Italic font change
    • Color options for text
    • Positioning for money loot
    • New notification and list skins
  • Notifications when rolls are won
  • Loot notifications on highest Z-level
lightweight tag a8cf1d395a89dad0da8dcbb5c3e50889d2923033 v2.1.2 Author: Arne De Herdt <[email protected]> Date: Fri Apr 15 19:37:51 2016 +0200 commit a8cf1d395a89dad0da8dcbb5c3e50889d2923033 Author: Arne De Herdt <[email protected]> Date: Fri Apr 15 19:37:51 2016 +0200 Version 2.1.2 : TimerFix
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