SPG Shot Timer and Reload Timer

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About SPG Shot Timer and Reload Timer

The purpose of this mod is to show the time it will take for your arty shell to reach its target. It shows total shot travel time and when you fire it also counts down, when the countdown reaches zero it goes Boom!


Install the mod files to 'C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.4\gui\flash\' Included in the package is my Vanilla Countdown Mod v1.3 (freshly updated).
Extract the zip and open the SPG Shot Timer folder then copy the gui folder and paste into this folder C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.4\

Now the tricky part - Due to limitations within the mod code it is not possible for the mod to automatically know what arty you are using and set the correct values for an accurate reading, so I have had to think outside the box and have come up with 2 solutions.

Solution 1.
Packaged with the mod files is an application called 'SPG Config Editor'. This program provides an easy to use way to set which SPG you are using within a config file that the mod can read from. The beauty of this app is that you can load it up before you start your tanks session and use it while in the garage, you don't have to exit the game to do this. So if you plan on running more than 1 arty just switch to the arty you want to use in the app before you enter your next battle, the app will remember your last choice for the next time you play tanks (handy if you only use 1 arty, you don't need to run the application if you are running the same arty from your previous session).


The program is pretty straight forward to use, just make sure you install the mod before you run it otherwise it will tell you to do so. The program is designed so it doesn't need to be updated if a patch comes out, it will only need to be updated where new arty exist (ie. when the French line comes out).
A basic run down of use is like this
- Install the program
- Double click the newly created icon on your desktop (or in start menu), you may need to run as admin but try it without first
- The program will now open and recognize this is the first time you have used it, click Ok and then a folder browser window will open up, at this point you must navigate to where your tanks client is installed (typically 'C:\Games\World_of_Tanks') then click Ok
- You will now be prompted to enter the version of tanks (as seen 'C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\EXACTLY LIKE IT IS SEEN HERE\gui\flash') which you can change if a patch has been released
- Now you simply click the dropdown box in the bottom pane and select which SPG you want to use
- Enter battle.

You can explore some other options in the menu items.

Solution 2.
You can manually edit the config file with the corresponding spgtype number. The config file can be found after installing the mod in 'C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.4\gui\flash\SPGsettings.txt' (typically). Replace the number after the 'spgtype=' and Bob's ya uncle. As with solution 1 you can edit this setting while sitting in the garage.

SPG Name - Number

T57 - 1
M37 - 2
M7 Priest - 3
M41 - 4
M12 - 5
M40/M43 - 6
T92 - 7
Sturmpanzer I Bison - 8
Sturmpanzer II - 9
Wespe - 10
Grille - 11
Hummel - 12
GW Panther - 13
GW Tiger - 14
GW Typ E - 15
SU-18 - 16
SU-26 - 17
SU-5 - 18
SU-8 - 19
SU-14 - 20
S-51 - 21
Object 212 - 22
Object 261 - 23
105 leFH18B2 - 24

The 'SPG Config Editor' is written in C# 2010, so .net framework 4 is required to run the program. If you can not or will not use the program then solution 2 is your only other option.

Current for version 7.3


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