[9.6] ReCo's Vertical Techtree

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About [9.6] ReCo's Vertical Techtree


- Easy installation: use the setup or the manual installation files
- Good old vertical tech tree instead of the new horizontal tech tree
- Uncluttered layout - tanks are nicely ordered by their tier, class and type
- Loads and loads of customization options
- Pretty lines: simple and nice-looking vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines between tanks
- A better unified look for all tanks/icons/buttons and improved graphics (this is optional)
- Compatibility with most common screen resolutions from 1024 to 5760
- Compatibility with all other mods (well, except other tech tree mods) ;)



As mentioned before, this mod should be fully compatible with every other mod. The following files are used by this mod:
SWF: NodesLib, techtree. XML: tree-shared, uk-tree, usa-tree, ussr-tree, china-tree, france-tree, germany-tree, japan-tree



- Error 1392: this happens when the directory you're running the installer from is corrupted. Download the mod and unpack it somewhere else like your desktop
- Error 5: take control of your "...\Users\<name>\AppData\Local\Temp\" folder. This is where the installation files are temporarily unpacked. They will be deleted later by the installer or Windows
- Make sure to have administrator rights and read/write privileges
- Select the right folder for installation (which is the root of your main World of Tanks game folder, e.g. "World_of_Tanks", NOT your "res_mods" folder, NOT your "<version>" folder)
- If the installer fails, install the mod manually
- If the tech tree crashes on load up or behaves oddly, it is highly likely related to other mods! In this case, check your "...\res_mods\<version>\scripts\item_defs\vehicles" folder, rename it and try again
- Try a clean installation (rename your old "res_mods" folder, then create a new one and install only this mod)
- Make sure that any crashes aren't related to the NVIDIA GeForce video driver bug and keep your drivers updated
- Check your anti-virus software! The RVT installer is not a popular application like your web browser so your AV might give out a false alarm. Avast! did that to me and ran the setup in a sandboxed mode which gave out an error message and after that the installer hang up. So disable it and if you don't trust me more than your AV, upload RVT Setup.exe to virustotal.com to get rid of your paranoia :p



- European forum thread: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/topic/166549-
- CurseForge project page: http://curseforge.com/wot-mods/recos-vertical-techtree
- Curse download page: http://curse.com/wot-mods/worldoftanks/recos-vertical-techtree
- Readme file: http://dropbox.com/s/dwl3q8mku5elson/Readme.txt

- EU forum contact: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/?app=members&module=messaging&section=send&fromMemberID=3364342
- CurseForge contact: http://www.curseforge.com/home/send-private-message/?to=ReConnaisance
- Curse contact: http://www.curse.com/private-messages/send?recipient=ReConnaisance

- Fixed Russian & Japanese tech trees

- Compatibility with WoT v0.9.6

- Compatibility with WoT v0.9.5
- Added new British tanks
- Reverted installer compression from store to LZMA (3MB smaller download)

- Added the glowing orange boxes (instead of green checkmarks) for tanks in hangar back in
- And added the same orange boxes for installed modules as requested some time ago

- Fixed all button customizations (nodesLib.swf and added them back in the Installer
- Added view vehicle in garage button

- Removed button customizations from installer

- Removed all button customization options until I've found a way to fix them

- Compatibility with WoT v0.9.4

- Changed the size of text labels in the installer to accommodate the longer translated strings

- Added Russian translation to installer. Private beta test version, for selected users only ;)

- Compatibility with WoT v0.9.3
- Added new German Ru 251
- Added new US tanks
- Added new USSR tanks
- Changed layouts of US & USSR tech trees to make space for the new tanks
- Changed and adjusted the "Premium tanks in-between"-option a little bit. I'll probably remove it completely next patch
- Changed some random stuff in tree-shared.xml (new "LU" line)
- Fixed tech tree centering
- Removed installer support for all Windows Server versions and Windows 2000 (those aren't compatible with WoT anyways)

- Added the missing SU-85I
- Changed some graphics in the installer interface
- Changed installer compression to "store". This will increase installer size by ~2,3 MB but may prevent any incompatibilities
- Fixed overlapping premium tanks in Russian tech tree with "Premium Tanks Between"-option
- Removed the debug "package.log" file that was created on the desktop for some users

- Compatibility with WoT v0.9.2
- Added 5760 (triple monitor 1920) resolution as requested

- Compatibility with WoT v0.9.1
- Added a few more interface & translation updates

v9.1 CT
- Compatibility with WoT v0.9.1 Common Test
- Added some debug options to the installer
- Added some installer interface & translation updates

- Compatibility with WoT v0.9.0
- Changed nation bar on the left. It is now smaller: every tech tree will fit a 1680 (or bigger) screen resolution
- Fixed tech trees not displaying
- Fixed German tech tree position
- Fixed some graphics
- Just a side note: the mod version number will equal the WoT version number from now on

- Fixed installation location to "0.9.0 Common Test" and not "0.8.11" folder

- Compatibility with WoT v0.9.0 Common Test
- Added new German Tanks: PzKpfw IV A, Pzkpfw IV D, PzKpfw IV H, StuG III B, StuG III G
- Added an additional column to German tech tree since the space is needed for the new tanks
- Changed flash files: updated techtree.swf source to 9.0 CT1
- Changed some stuff under the hood (tree-shared.xml now supports more nodes and lines, required for German tech tree)

- Fixed overlapping of premium tanks in USSR tree when "premium tanks between" option was selected
- Fixed the PzKpfw II position in every tree layout from 5th to 4th column, not just in the "premium tanks bottom" one

- Added the missing Chinese Type 64 tank

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.11
- Changed PzKpfw II position from 5th to 4th column so it aligns with PzKpfw II G
- Changed PzJg I and Marder II position so they are centered between the two German TD lines
- Changed T18 and T82 position so they are centered between the two US TD lines
- Changed AT-1, SU-76, SU-85B, SU-85 and SU-100 position so they are centered between the two USSR TD lines
- Changed some internal stuff related to centered lines

- Added the discount icon (orange %) that was introduced in WoT 8.10
- Added some code to center lines between two corresponding lines (see Japanese tech tree)
- Added even more contrast (locked tanks -10%, unlocked +20%)
- Added auto-language detection to the installer
- Changed flash files: updated source files to WoT 8.10 version
- Changed the small green tank checkmark by replacing it with an orange glowing box to prevent overlapping with XVM mastery badge
- Changed some labels: moved tank names back on top, XP on bottom ("New Graphics"-option only)
- Changed "Disable XP"-optiom: it will now hide the green button on researchable tanks and the XP label on locked tanks
- Changed "Disable Credits"-option: it will now hide the yellow button on buyable and the hover button on aready bought tanks
- Fixed some transparency and visibility issues of researchable tanks ("New Graphics"-option only)
- Removed some unnecessary image overlays ("New Graphics"-option only)
- Removed the scrollbar to prevent overlapping on 1024 screens (drag the screen or use the mouse wheel to scroll)
- Removed Curse Client installation (didn't work, too bugged for now)

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.10
- Added Japanese tech tree
- Added new Japanese premium tank
- Added new USSR medium tanks
- Added support for the Curse Client API for thse who want to install this mod through Curse Client
- Added all RVT files (setup/manual installation files) into a single download
- Changed and updated some installer variables
- Changed and optimized tree-shared.xml (tree starts at X:20,Y:20, no overlapping, new 2 and 11 grid, removed "up"-lines)
- Fixed tech tree not being 100% centered (increased horizontal start offset)

- Fixed Leichttraktor overlapping with premium tanks when using "Premium Tanks Top"-option
- Fixed T26E4 Super Pershing missing in US tech tree

- Fixed T-34-3 missing in Chinese tech tree
- Fixed wrong XP icon position for "New Graphics"-option

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.9
- Added the installer back in
- Added all the button add-ons back in...
- ...but had to change those of the "New Graphics"-option since the game engine came up with new limitations
- Changed flash files: now based on 8.9 test server source files
- Changed "New Graphics"-option: tank name is now always on top, XP/free XP on bottom. Applies for tech tree and tank research
- Changed the "Old Graphics"-option to be fully stock so if you choose that option, all changes you see are done via XMLs
- Fixed image overlay for deactivated buttons
- Fixed buy button on tank icons not working. No more right-click -> buy and mount necessary
- Removed various tech tree layouts based on player opinion (forum poll)...
- ...but DarthWanderer keeps them updated for those who still want them :)

- Added all the layout add-ons back in

- Added all the resolution add-ons back in

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.8
- Added new USSR medium tanks
- Added new German tanks
- Added M4A2E4 Sherman special tank (mainly for RU server, doesn't show up on every server since it is not available there)
- Changed the entire Flash part of the mod, based on the new ActionScript 3 source files...
- ...thus I was able to fix the "buy-and-mount" bug on the fly...
- ...and thus should give an performance gain on slow systems (tech tree loads faster)
- Changed the "dot" on the nodes: it is now moved to the back layer. Also related to the engine...
- ...but that finally fixed the node/button overlapping; old graphics are now fully stock
- Removed all layout, resolution and graphic add-ons and the installer cause they're not ready yet
- Removed the nodes going from tier I to tier II tanks since the game engine is no longer supporting them :(

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.7
- Added new British SPGs
- Added British premium SPG Sexton I
- Added German premium TD E-25
- Added USSR MT-25
- Added German Readme file (Liesmich)
- Changed position of KV-2: it is now in the same column as S-51 to keep the tech tree clean and compact
- Fixed the "old graphics" option: it is now really using the old graphics with glow effects, etc.
- Removed USSR T-50-2 (goodbye!)

- Changed the "new graphics" option: now has 20% more contrast
- Changed hide XP option: now it doesn't only hide the green XP buttons but the locked XP labels as well

- Fixed Chinese tech tree (only IS-2 showing)

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.6
- Added new SPGs for every country
- Added Excelsior
- Added 4752 (triple monitor 1584) resolution
- Changed buyable tanks to look like bought tanks, you can still see the difference due to the credit button
- Removed leFH18B2
- Removed Super Persing

- Fixed missing file for premium tanks on top in the french tech tree

- Fixed missing line between T-70 and SU-76

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.5
- Added an installer with all the customization options! (= much easier to install this mod)
- Added new German tanks
- Added new USSR tanks
- Added more resolutions (1056, 2880)
- Added premium tanks on right side back in
- Fixed misplaced FCM 50t in "France - Premiums In-Between" add-on

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.4
- Fixed some graphics

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.4 Common Test
- Added British TDs
- Added PzI, PzIC, PzIIG
- Added SU-100Y
- Added support for 3200 screen resolutions and several low-res ones
- Added add-ons to change the style of buttons
- Added support for the Curse client including a fully functional setup
- Added premium tanks on the bottom
- Changed all XMLs to make centering and tech tree creation easier for me
- Fixed premium tanks in-between the tech tree. They are now really in-between, not on the right/left side
- Fixed all known graphical bugs
- Fixed some other bugs
- Removed premium tanks on the right side (this was actually a fault on my side)

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.3
- Added Chinese tanks & tech tree
- Changed the current nation flags layout (on top) back to the old one (left side) due to restrictions and bugs
- Removed colored tank type icons on request

- Added Support for 2560 screen resolutions
- Fixed tanks not showing up
- Fixed wrong fonts
- Fixed lines from M4A3E2 into M6 instead of T29
- Fixed tech tree not centered using the 2560 resolution add-on

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.2
- Added new French and British premium tanks
- Added and reworked multiple resolution add-ons (width: 1024, 1280, 1360, 1600, 1920)
- Added nation button add-ons (require a custom resolution add-on if left version is used)
- Added a colored touch to tank type icons like in 7.5 (heavy: red, medium: yellow, light: green, TD: blue, SPG: purple)
- Changed the layout of the American tech tree to fit with the new tanks
- Changed default premium tank layout from top to right
- Changed position of the nation buttons from left to top
- Changed colors for nation button effects
- Changed (or optimized) some graphics
- Changed and rewrote the entire XMLs (again!)...
- ...which allowed me to fix all known graphical bugs
- Fixed a bug that highlighted a researchable tank permanently

- Intermediate beta version of v2.0. No public release, private testing only

- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.1
- Added British tanks
- Added new German and USSR premium tanks
- Replaced variations by add-ons
- Rewrote all XML files
- Modified SWF files

- Random update, can't remember what I did there :P

- Added A2 variation (small screens, premiums right)
- Added A3 variation (small screens, no premiums)
- Added B1 variation (widescreen, premiums top, extended)
- Added C1 variation (extended)
- Fixed some small bugs and reworked some graphics I can't remember anymore

- Initial public release
- Compatibility with WoT v0.8.0
- Supports centered tech tree on 1600 screen resolution

- Reordered tanks in nations to better fit their class and role in the game

- Fourth rework of lines/nodes and default line (RM is now default for everything, abusing BM as default outPin position)

- Third rework of lines/nodes (all outPins are now RMs, using viaPins to place them along the outlines of tank icons)

- Rework of lines/nodes: vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines (still limited by TM, TR, RM, BR, BM outPins)

- Dots instead of arrows, fixes the bug of arrows pointing in wrong directions

- Better lines and nodes between tanks. Doesn't look nice but it's working for now

- Centered tech tree for 1600 resolution

- Initial private release
- Vetical tech tree

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