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  • Updated Dec 21, 2015
  • Created Mar 25, 2013
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About HR Gun Sound Mod

A World of Tanks sound mod that I have put alot of effort and time into.

I features:
-Alot of new gun sounds (some even dedicated to a single specific gun) thanks to scripts.
-The gun sounds differs very much from a close to long range, creating an atmospheric and authentic experience.
-New sounds of shell traces, from the supersonic bullet crack of a 20mm bullet to the "freight train" of a 155mm shell flying above you.
-Sounds of guns reloading in sniper mode. Autoloaders have their very own sound.
-Custom explosion and hit sounds, depending on the projectile's caliber.
-5.1 and 7.1 support!

Some known bugs/issues:
-It may lag at some times when tanks gets spotted or dies

Here's a YouTube preview made by Jetnavo

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Check out the homepage of the Historical Realism Team for more content for your World of Tanks experience. Historical Realism Modelling Project Blog

-Compatibility with 0.9.13

-Compatibility with 0.9.12
-Fixed the missing visual effects of pre-game artillery strikes
-Changed scripts for 90mm US guns to sound better

-Compatibility with 0.9.10
-Added 140mm canon sound
-Fixed some missing gun sounds

-Compatibility with 0.9.9

-Compatibility with 0.9.8
-Some smaller tweaks I can't remember

-Fixed the script with JagdPanzer E-100
-AMX 30 and Prototype now has sound

-Compatibility with 0.9.7

-Works with micropatch

-Added missing gun sounds on some tanks(CDC, Panther 88)
-Renewed most of the vehicles .xml scripts
-Tweaked some sounds so they are better
-Returned the old tracer sound for 105mm artillery, and instead gave the new tracer sound to 122mm-152mm artillery

-Lot's of sounds has been enhanced by adding some sounds from War Thunder. This includes:
American 120mm guns(except for M58 and T179), most long 90mm guns with penetration at atleast 170mm, 100mm french guns, 107mm guns, Japanese 75mm Type 4(and higher tier) guns, and 105mm artillery guns. Also improved the 122mm D-25 gun sound, but it's barely noticeable,
-Changed sounds of 45mm and 50mm guns
-New sound for large caliber shells'(below 152mm) explosion, as they previously sounded the same as high caliber shells hitting the ground
-New tank hit sound for artillery shells, to make them sound more scary than they did before. Or I am not sure about this one. Please give feedback.
-New tracer sound for 105mm artillery
-Unique sound for 100mm LB-1 has been removed and changed to the one used for 100mm D10, as it sounded crap, and those guns are pretty identical anyway.
-Compatibility with 0.9.6

-Scripts folder is now in 0.9.5
-Objekt 907 should be able to load shells now
-Panther 88 should have gun sound now

-Compatibility with 0.9.5

-Fixed the crashes

-Compatibility with 0.9.4
-Some 50mm German guns should now work
-New sound for 76mm American guns, and 152mm XM-81

-Now works with the micropatch that introduces the Fury Easy Eight
-T29 should now have Marks of Excellence

-m103.xml fixed!
-ISU 152 and Obj. 704 should have sound now
-Corrected gun weight on Chaffee
-Applied new destruction sounds for dead crew, ramming, and drowning

-Compatibility with 0.9.3
-Corrected the sound of the 105mm L52 gun
-Marks of Excellence should work on the T29

-Just a hotfix intended to fix the messed up textures on the Stug 3

-Fixed the location of the gun sounds
-VK45.02(P) ausf. B now has gun sound on the 105mm

-Compatibility with 0.9.2
-New sound for long 105mm guns that is not tier 10 guns
-marx of eggselense now work :D:D:D:D
-Fixed many missing gun sounds
-Improved the 122mm_ch sound event.
-Improved tank death sounds.

-Fixed Birch gun

-Compatibility with 0.9.1
-New ammo rack explosion sound
-The "Bell of Doom" sound of the KV-4's long 107mm has gotten a slight change when it comes to its audibility over distance. The results gives me the chills.
-Updated to the newer effects.

-FINALLY fixed the problem with the massive stuttering in battles. Not sure if it is gone on the first battles you play after you have booted your PC. This does, however, come at the cost of a slight FPS decrease in the first battles you play after you have launched the game.
-Fixed missing sound effects of the 90mm on Hellcat, 25pdr and the 32pdr.
-Redid alot of maximum playbacks on effects, so it is more memory friendly.

-Compatibility with 0.9.0
-...which means all the effects have new cool lighting stuff.
-Also a few fixes

-Compatibility with the useless micropatch.

-Compatibility with 0.8.11
-Fixed the 128mm sound.
-Fixed some missing gun sounds.
-Some parameter should work propely now.
-Reverted the sound for the 170mm german guns back, while the 180mm and 183mm guns have the same.

-Compatibility with 0.8.10.
-New sound for 122mm D-25 guns.
-New sound for the 100mm french guns.
-Added some new autoloading sounds for some guns with short autloading sequence.
-Added a new parameter.

-The E-75's 105mm guns should have sounds now!
-Added other missing sounds
-Optimised the hit sounds.
-Corrected some stuff.
-Added a tutorial on how to change gun sounds!

-Should fix the issues with the crashes of the loading of the Panther M10 and the PzKpfw IV Schmalturm.

-This SHOULD also fix the issues with the missing sounds, IF you remove the older "weapons_x.fev/fsb" files in the audio folder.

-Fixed the issue with missing gun sounds.

-Compatibility with 0.8.9

-Fixed the 360 turning of tanks.
-Added new sound to 45mm, 50mm and the F-34/ZiS-5 cannons.
-New sound for the 170-183mm guns.

-Compatibility with 0.8.8

-Compatibility with 0.8.7.
-New sound for the 100mm D10 guns.
-New sound for 47mm french guns.
-New sound for all short barreled soviet 76.2mm guns. S-54 will keep the old sound.
-Improved the 155mm T7 sound.
-Improved the exterior firing sound of the 85mm guns.
-Improved the exterior firing sound of the short 37mm guns.

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