BigCheese256's OTM Config

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  • Updated May 23, 2012
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  • Newest File: Win rate with colour of efficiency, icons mirrored

About BigCheese256's OTM Config

Custom config for XVM's over target markers created by BigCheese256. These show:

Win percentage
Contour icon
Vehicle name
Health bar (contains hit points in the "1234 / 1600" format)
Vehicle type icon

When you hold Alt, you see:

Efficiency rating
Player name
Health bar (contains remaining hit points as a percentage)
Vehicle type icon


Drop the 'gui' folder into your most recent res_mods\version# and accept the folder merge


Manually install to: res_mods\version#\gui\flash

A player's win percentage is shown in their markers and colour coded based on their efficiency rating.
Icons are mirrored.


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