QMAGNET's Test Map for Resource Packs and Map Makers

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About QMAGNET's Test Map for Resource Packs and Map Makers


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All previous versions of the Test Map from 1.7.4 and up are available by click on Other Downloads located as a tab link directly above this description.


This is my Minecraft Test Map. It was specifically designed to showcase Resource Packs but has many features for Map Makers to use for their own projects. Feel free to download and use this for your own purpose. You may record or stream this map, but please credit me in your video description so your viewers know where to get the map and who created it. For more info, please view the youtube video.

View the imgur album

- Entire map is separated into dedicated rooms based on theme
- Every item clearly labelled for ease of viewing in odd resource packs
- All regular blocks, including Glazed Terracotta, Shulker Boxes, Frosted Ice
- All functional blocks such as coloured beds, cake, doors, ladder, etc
- All main biomes for grass, tree, vine appearance
- Area for common Structures such as End City, Ocean Monument, Woodland Mansion
- Time switching for sun, moon and star gazing
- Weather switching with rain and snow viewing areas
- Full particle effect displays including dripping water and lava, explosions, smoke, llama spit, totem, etc.
- Effect Testing Lab, experiment on mobs with multiple effects
- Status Effect Testing toggleable with Negative and Positive effects
- All particles displayed using Area Effect Clouds
- Dedicated section for viewing GUIs like backgrounds of chests, crafting table, hopper, etc.
- All plants, trees, huge mushrooms displayed with a greenhouse area including crop growth forms
- Water and Lava in various forms, moving, falling, stationary
- Nether, End Portals, and End Gateways
- All passive and hostile mobs easily viewable at close range, including Villager Parrots and Illagers
- Easily viewable weapon and tool display for all materials
- Inventory entities in Shulker Boxes clearly labelled
- Viewable armour on Armor Stands and Equipping Stations for the 5 armour types
- 100% complete Art Gallery, includes every painting in the game
- Separated redstone room with redstone related blocks, as well as command blocks and minecarts
- Full playsound section, every sound effect and song in Minecraft

The 1.12.X version of this map is NOT compatible with 1.10. You should use 1.12.X but 1.11 may also work. For the best experience, run this in the Minecraft version is is made for.


AUG 21, 2017 (1.12.1)
- Rebuilt server spawn area for clearer instructions for Realms/Server
- Reworked commands for specifics when multiple players are present
- Disabled advancements / recipes
- Rebuilt Testing Area piston door mechanics
- Rebuilt greenhouse (added growth displays)
- Added shulker bullet and partially filled cauldrons
- Updated main map display
- Updated credit sign URLs
- Disabled armor stand interaction for some displays
- Fixed a sign mistake on parrots
- Added items to vex hands
- Updated map compatibility sign


JUL 25, 2017 (1.12)
- Created better server spawnpoint
- Fixed Last updated date
- Reset the chicken map maker


JUL 18, 2017 (1.12)
- Small update to add clay to Block Sampler and minor tweaking to fireworks

JUL 17, 2017 (1.12)
- New version release!
- Fixed all broken commands from Mojang changes
- Redesigned a number of rooms with Concrete textures
- Expanded block sampler section (credit: Ivan Mitov)
- Replaced chest with Shulker boxes in Inventory Room
- Added 1.12 blocks and mobs
- Glazed Terracotta views as 9x9 segments
- Added Frosted Ice, Concrete, Concrete Dust, Shulker Boxes, Observer
- Added all Coloured Beds
- Nitwit villager and zombie counterpart have been added
- Added Evocation Fangs
- Added Parrots, Illagers, Vexes, Llama (complete with all carpet decor)
- Added McKenzie, Great White North is complete Hoser!
- Shulker cage has been expanded to included all colours
- Added sheared sheep (adult/baby), piglet with saddle
- Added secret happy challenge
- Added Elytra to Husk in cage
- Added Llama to GUIs
- Added new mobs to effect testing
- Added Llama spit and Totem to particles and AEC testing
- Added Woodland Mansion to structure section
- Fixed spelling on Philippines flag display sign
- Added all new sounds, such as Parrots, Illagers, UI Toast Challenge, etc.


JUN 26, 2016 (1.10.2)
- Fixed Grumm


JUN 26, 2016 (1.10.2)
- Added all fossils
- Smalled structure now  have structure blocks issued to them
- Map folder contains structure NBT files
- Added Luck/Unluck to effect testing
- Added Wither Horseman and more Jockeys
- Replaced gravel with grass path in biome section
- Repaired broken End City structure
- Added bonus prisoners


JUN 9, 2016 (1.10)
- Redesigned playsounds - now working with all new sounds for 1.10
- New structure section
- Added 1.10 blocks and mobs
- Beacon Beams now have a glass colour tester
- fallingdust has been added to AreaEffectCloud testing and particles
- Squid can viewed better in their display cell


MAR 16, 2016 (1.9.1)

- Fixed some issues caused by 1.9 release, frozen mobs being affected by gravity
- Copied final End Ship into biome section
- playsounds section is currently broken

OCT 8, 2015 (15w41b)
- Added new boats

OCT 6, 2015 (15w40b)
- Fixed some flags
- Added Isle of Man
- Fixed wrong sign in mob displays

SEP 29, 2015 (15w38b)

- Fixed the flags that were backwards and the signs that had wrong spelling for countries
- Fixed the End Gateway portals to reactivate if falling through
- Added End Gateway beams

SEP 25, 2015 (15w38b)
The 1.9 update is the biggest update I have done to this map.

- Building Blocks have no been separated from functional blocks.
- Block Sampler - designed for screenshots
- Huge banner hallway which includes EVERY country flag of the world.
- Effect Testing Lab - includes multiple testing chambers for implementing effects on mobs and yourself
- AreaEffectCloud particle viewing
- Much much more!!

Basically the entire map has been reworked

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