TR city

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  • Updated Sep 18, 2017
  • Created Sep 18, 2017
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About TR city

this is a massive project that will take a LOT of time, but i might release secret work in progress maps (hint hint). the entire city is going to have different regens. there is currently the, troll regen, the normal regen, the rain forest regen, and the iNsaNE regen. each region will/has lots to offer. for example, the rainforest region has a secret medo inside a giant maze. there will be more regens to come, its just that it will take a VERY long time to add them all. once i finish it tho it will be a massive sprawling city. if you have anney suggestions on new regens or anything really, i would like to hear it. thanks for all your help and support. 


please don't repost this map.

all of the designs belong to me ToweringRobot.

you are free to use the designs but you must give credit to me the creator.

you may record videos on this map and post them on youtube and twitch.

also if you do take pictures and/or record you must give credit to me.


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