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About SimpleTeamWindow


It's just a minimalistic team window, closer to the HP bars on other MMOs. You just get the HP bar, the name, HP level (both in value and percentage) and... that's it! Buffs/States are all gone.
The defensive target is not displayed when selecting a team/raid member, you just get an outline around their name

Raid Features

  • While in NY Raid, the number of "Whisper of Darkness" stacks will appear near affected players' HP bars for easier tracking (unsure about french name, if it's not working, send me the name of the debuff so I can fix it). When aggro switch to another tank, other debuffs will become half-transparent to see who has current aggro.


  • Type /stw to open settings. Once its open, normal team/raid/defensive frames will be gone and replaced by fake ones that you can move around to position those 3 windows. Using the mousewheel on one of them will also scale everything up/down.
  • Global Scale will do the same thing than using mousewheel and scale all windows up/down
  • Column Numbers will determine the number of columns used to display groups when in a raid
  • Enable Debuff counter display in NY Raid will show Whisper of Darkness debuff when fighting that boss
  • Enable mouse over targeting will let you select team/group members by moving your mouse over their HP bar. It won't lock defensive target to them at the moment.

Known Issue

  • Team/Raid/Def windows from Settings aren't matching exactly the real ones, there is a few pixel differences

Installation Instruction

  • Extract the TeamGUI.swf into ...\TSW\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\
  • Extract the Scripts folder into ...\TSW\
  • /reloadui
  • Delete that swf file to come back to default team window


  • Minor changes to try to fix the position issues


  • Fixed a nasty bug preventing raid window to show up


  • Lost those changes when deleting a file on Curse, will fix later (and the TL;DR could have been "most stuff works now" :P)


  • Fixed initialisation issue, shouldn't have to /reloadui everytime game is started
  • Added a "Number of Columns" option in raid menu, but it's untested
  • Fixed some other minor bugs


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