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About RPcolors

-sorry an update to this enabling it to be installed with eh curse client has been reported to me as not working. I apologize and I am working together with some curse-client experts on solving this-
- you need to download the zip-file manually and extract it to the "Scripts" folder -

These scripts will enable you to spice up RP by writing in colors in vicinity.
It is a feature requested by some RPers, hence here are 100 different color and formatting permutations to use.
25 colors
4 types of formatting:
Normal, Bold, Leading signs, Leading signs and bold
Guide window opened with /RPcolors Sample text

The scripts are locked to vicinity chat, so you can not use them for your cabal or the global channels, (unless you change the scripts/coding yourself), meaning they can not be used to spam outside of the 10 meter radius of where you stand.

To write in eg. yellow type:
/N14 this will be yellow
/B14 this will be yellow and bold

93 93/93
Kind Regards
-A∴ Crowley

Updated version. Changed so it can be installed via the curse client.


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