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About MainMenuWindowX

MainMenuWindowX is a top bar mod which adds:

  • Connection Latency
  • Current System Time (12hr default, click for 24hrs)
  • Client Framerate
  • Character Position
  • Character Dimension and Instance (Instance needs confirmation)
  • Basic DPS overview (counter will reset after 10 seconds of no combat).


Copy or move the MainMenuWindow.sfw to <The Secret World Installation Path>\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash Note: If running the game, press ctrl+shift+f1 to reload the ui (causing the mod to load).


Delete MainMenuWindow.sfw from <The Secret World Installation Path>\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash


All options may be changed through the ingame option command.

  • Location tracking
    • On: '/option MainMenuWindowX_ShowPosition true'
    • Off: '/option MainMenuWindowX_ShowPosition false'
  • Time Format
    • 24hr: '/option MainMenuWindowX_24hr true'
    • 12hr: '/option MainMenuWindowX_24hr false'
    • Or Toggle by clicking on the clock.

[Version 1.0.7] -Performance Tweaking

[Version 1.0.6] -Further tweaks to combat tracker (should not show random things when out of combat). -Altered player location readout to whole integers. -Added option to set the DPS meter reset time. -DPS meter now preserves last combat readings. -Removed session instance from dimension reading (Was giving wrong readout).

[Version 1.0.5]

  • Further tweaks to combat tracker.
  • Hide/show character location (with persistence).
  • System time format persistence (24hr or 12hr).
  • Combat Tracker Fly-out persistence.
  • Combat Tracker reset modification.


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