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About Combat Statistics

Tracks combat statistics from the damage numbers. Have a look at the screenshots for more info.


  • Self Healing and Target Healing can be a bit misleading. The DamageNumberInfo API cannot differentiate between you healing yourself and someone else healing you - both are logged as "Self Healing". Thus, Self Healing only really makes sense during solo play, and Target Healing will not include any heals cast on yourself.
  • This addon plays nicely with Topbar Information Overload's Addon Manager, but should work fine without it.

Source code is available via git from curseforge.

If possible, please try to use the official forum for discussion in order to consolidate potentially useful information in one place.

* The main window's scroll position is now saved.
* The details window is now draggable and no longer snaps to the main window. Be
  aware that data in the grid prevents dragging, so be sure to reposition while
  it's empty, or drag it by the small empty strip at the bottom of the window.
  Sorry, but this window is too finicky to be made resizable, though.
* If you have positioned the windows where you want them and want to prevent
  accidental repositioning, you can disable dragging by typing in a chat window:
    /option CSDraggable false
  To make the windows draggable again, just change the above "false" to "true".
* Tightened up the spacing between items to fit more onscreen at once.
* Improved scrolling and resizing to snap so that text is always fully visible.
* Combat Time is now always visible.
* Internal code cleanups.


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