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About Castbar Relocator

Make sure to read the included readme.txt file on how to update this add-on with the 1.1 patch!

Features of this add-on:

  • Castbars are able to be placed anywhere on the screen.
  • Alerts can be setup for the target castbar using the Target Ability Alert system.
  • Individual scaling of each castbar.
  • Individual scaling of each castbar's text.
  • Possible to offset the text's Y position.
  • Tweaked graphics of the castbars.
  • The text from the dodge bar has been removed (you know what it does from the colour).

Click the icon to the right of the compass to open the settings window and allow for the bars to be moved. Clicking the icon while holding down Ctrl will open up the Target Ability Alert system window. To delete an alert Shift + click it in the list.

For moving/placing I've made a few minor helpers as well:

  • If you Ctrl + click a castbar it will center horizontally on the screen.
  • If you hold down Shift while moving a castbar it will lock its movement to the axis it moved the longest on. Basically it means that if you moved it up further than you moved it to the side, it will snap into the X position it was at when you started moving it, once you release the mouse button (while still holding Shift).

Also if you Shift + click the icon the castbars will get reset to their default positions (default for this add-on, which is the same placement used in version 1.0.0).

Version 2.1.5

  • Fixed Target Ability Alert being broken in 2.1.4.

Version 2.1.4

  • Changed the text for the castbars to use HTML rendering as the Quantum Brace has its ability names formatted as such.

Version 2.1.3

  • The TAA window should no longer fail to load correctly.
  • When moving the bars and holding down shift they now lock while moving and not just when you release the mouse.
  • Right clicking on a bar will reset it to its default position.

Version 2.1.2

  • Should hopefully better hook onto the compass now.
  • Fixed a bug with ability alerts with repeating alerts not triggering.
  • Now suports the Topbar Information Overload Add-on Manager.
  • New icon!!! ;)
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