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About UltimateCrafter

Recent updates

After a few years break, UltimateCrafter is getting some updates again! There will be a few more small new features in the next days/weeks but nothing major for now (the mod would really need to be rewritten from scratch to make it efficient to implement a lot of new stuff or improve current ones)


Addon development takes a lot of time. If you really like this addon and want to support it, please consider making a donation! Any amount is appreciated.

About UltimateCrafter options

All options are set on the safest value by default, to prevent anything unwanted to happen if they should ever reset. They can be accessed by clicking the "?" icon on top of the assembly window.
Default options include the "epic protection", that will prevent epic items from being dragged into the disassembly slot. Make sure to disable it if you need to break epic items.

Current Features

  • Disassemble all your spare items in a single click (you can configure the QL, rarity and item type in settings)
  • Upgrading all materials/signets in a single click (you can select the maximum quality to upgrade to in settings)
  • Create patterns in a single click with a drop down menu to select what you want to make
  • Assembly Window improvments: protection for epic items against manual disassembling, automatic augment upgrading, moving toolkits to the right slot if dragged elsewhere, ...

Known Issues

  • Anima/Drink/Augment feature not working on german client[

Installation Instructions

  • Extract the Flash\Crafting.swf file into ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash
  • To remove the mod, remove the file from that directory
  • If the crafting window doesn't change, a /reloadui might be needed for the game to correctly load the file


  • Fix for an issue with lair fragment names in french client


  • Fix for bad rune names for patterns with french client


  • Fixed a bug with 2.0+ AEGIS upgrades not depending on the associated setting


  • Added new option to auto-upgrade AEGIS controllers from 2.0 to 2.9
  • Uprade no longer shows an error message if you have controllers at 100% but no available memory expansion kit


  • Fixed a copy/paste screwup that made the addon confuse defense & magical protection animas


  • Fixed window position resetting
  • Removed a textfield that appeared out of nowhere!
  • Streamlined some code for item names for different clients, please report if anything goes wrong
  • Multiple of 10 glyph/weapon/talisman toolkits won't be forced into the empty toolkit slot anymore if you have an artisan's augmenter in your inventory


  • Fixed an issue with 10.8 and 10.9 being considered as 10.0 for autobreak
  • Added options to break 10.5 and 10.6 gear (10.3-4 items are always ignored since they're unbreakable NY/Eidolon drops afaik)
  • Changed the "Busy" animation
  • Renamed some classes to avoid potential future conflicts with other addons


  • Pushing 1.5 beta changes to release
  • Upgrading AEGIS will now work up to 2.0
  • Upgrading AEGIS will no longer try to upgrade blue AEGIS items

1.5 beta 1

  • UC can now break (non-custom only) 10-10.2 purple items to clean your inventory after a good dungeon farm!
  • Fixed defensive animas to work on autobreak with french/german client
  • Autobreak will no longer attempt to break auxiliary weapons


  • Fixed an issue with augment attuning on french client


  • Fixed an issue with an invisible element preventing mouse to work on inventory depending on window's locations
  • Fixed an issue for making nightwatch glyphs


  • QL 10.x items are no longer considered as QL10 for breaking
  • New options for more separations between blue and greens in breaking filters


  • Fixed a conflict with an unknown addon that prevented settings to be saved for some users


  • New options to fine tune auto-breaking of green/blues


  • Fixed glyph breaking for german client
  • Added extra options to break leech potions and more fine tuning for animas


  • PvP potions will be broken in english/german client (still missing names for french client)
  • Fixed split-item popup window
  • Fixed the "always split one" option


  • Quick fix for upgrading to work on french client


  • A lot of code has been rewritten to be more efficient and make it easier to implement more features
  • The settings window now has tabs to make more space for settings and got a few more settings, including better targeting of animas/drinks you want to break, delays for auto-break/upgrade, better bag targeting to fit your inventory management style better
  • Fixed some issues with german/french client
  • Auto-break & Auto-upgrade now show a progress bar with remaining tasks and a stop button to... stop it!


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