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  • Supports: 1.11.2
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  • Updated Feb 20, 2017
  • Created Jan 9, 2013
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About ZeldaCraft


This pack is based on "The Legend of Zelda".
It focuses on being usable on any server or single player.
This texture pack is not modified to the extreme that you can not recognize any object of the game instead tries to maintain a balance between the two games in order to play Zelda-style adventure, or just play in minecraft survival.


  1. Resource pack
  2. Reskined UI
  3. Many Reskined Mobs
  4. Sounds
  5. Music from Zelda.
  6. Animated textures




Download & Installation

  1. Click the downloadbutton above to start your download.
  2. There is no difference compared to the installations of other texturepacks.

Some Images:

Fix for these textures:

Quote from tyfang180 >>

"the Bread is using a Pie image


the Wheat is using a bread image


the Baked Potato is using the normal unbaked potato image, and vice versa"

 Thanks to tyfang180 for pointing this out.
 Music added:
  1. World
  2. Nether
  3. End
  4. Menu
Textures  added:
  1. Shield (Temporal till the 3D version is ready)
If you have problems with the music just hit F3 + T
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