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  • Updated Dec 11, 2014
  • Created Jun 14, 2012
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About SuperMarioCraft

This texture pack is intended to, as closely as possible, mimic the textures and general feel of the popular Nintendo game, Super Mario World. Colors are bright without being too cartoony, and it is great for all-around fun. For the official Minecraft Forums thread, please go here.

Previews from the thread:

Main features include the most visible SMW stone and grass, and leaves of my own creation (as SMW has no trees).

As of now, almost all mobs have been skinned to mimic an enemy in SMW, including Koopa chickens, Yoshi creepers, and Bloop squids. Textures are simplified, and the high-contrast wheat growth makes finding the fully-grown stuff simple.

Wherever possible, the textures have been taken from SMW with minimal or even no changes at all. In keeping with the simple spirit of the pack, textures that needed to be created took much inspiration from already-existing textures.

MOD SUPPORT! Currently, only RandoMobs is supported (multiple creepers), though further random mobs and other mod support will be coming.

Please see The Official Thread for changelog.


Armor icons to texture, Some mob texturing.


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