Stevian Villagers

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  • Updated Dec 11, 2014
  • Created Apr 2, 2013
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About Stevian Villagers


I'm a big fan of the original "look and feel" of minecraft, with its simple low-resolution textures, and slightly medieval/fantasy feeling. But the villagers have always left me feeling a little sad, and so I thought I'd make a texture pack, JUST to replace the villagers with something a little more.. familiar.

The Stevian Villagers texture pack replaces the textures on the 5 stock villager types (as well as the unused sixth "villager"). Gone are the silly noses and unibrows, replaced with friendlier, more steve-ier characters: The Farmer, the Barmaid, the Blacksmith, the Village Historian, and the Lord Mayor. Each with their own unique style and personality.

The Stevian Villagers texture pack also replaces the other "villager-like" mobs: the Iron Golem, the Witch and the Zombie Villager.. replacing them with the Iron Brute, the reclusive Crone, and the Cursed Villager!

Terms of Use

Yes, you can use this in your [whatever].

You may include (remix) these villager skins in your own texture packs, adventure maps, or whatever, modified, or as-is. You may create fan art and videos using these textures. You may make other texture packs based on these designs too! You may do just about anything you like with this texture pack, so long as you credit me for my work.

If you do include these villager skins in your project, please post a comment and links, and show off your work! It feels great to know I've inspired others!


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

Release Notes

1.3 - Updated to "Resource Pack" for compatibility with Minecraft 1.6+
1.2 - Added Zombie Villager and Witch. Fixed skirt on Butcher.
1.1 - Added texture for Iron Golem.
1.0 - Initial release.


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