Simpletech [16x]

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  • Updated Feb 8, 2017
  • Created Aug 20, 2012
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About Simpletech [16x]

A simple and clean 16x16 texture pack that is designed to be easy on the eyes without being plain.
I created this pack for my wife who found the default textures to be way too noisy, especially when viewed at a distance.
Each block has a smoothed (but not flood fill) background with a distinct pattern overlaid on it for easy identification.

But if words aren't your thing, here are some pictures that show what I mean.

Block Sample
Pile o Blocks

Wood Sample
Wood Sample (Acacia, Birch, Jungle, Dark Oak, Oak, Spruce)

Color Sample
Colored Blocks

Horse Sample
Ponies! (I did say this was for my wife.)

Brought up to date with 1.11


Swapped the spruce door with the dark oak door and made a new dark oak door that looks more like vanilla.

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