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  • Updated Dec 11, 2014
  • Created Jun 10, 2012
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About RichCraft

RichCraft v2.3

RichCraft is clean and smooth.... I am not completely done with re-texturing Minecraft, but i will be done soon.
Please let me know about any misplaced pixels (i know there are a few but they are barley noticeable). So if you don't like it, when it updates try to see if you enjoy it. It is always changing....

v2.3 Update Pics

==Richcraft v2.3==

  • Added Stone Bricks
  • Added Flint & Steel and Diamonds

==Richcraft v2.2==

  • Fixed Several texture errors
  • Edited Lava

==Richcraft v2.1==

  • Fixed: Emeralds, splash potions, reading books

==Richcraft v2.0==

  • Added Emerald Block, Emerald Ore
  • Changed Diamond Block, Gold Block, Redstone Lamp

==Richcraft v1.9==

  • Fixed items and upgraded terrain

== RichCraft v1.8.2 ==

  • Just Posted!


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