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  • Created Jan 21, 2013
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About RegiCraft


I started on a texture pack a long time ago and didn't plan on finishing it. I was not originally going to continue the development of this texture pack as it took up too much time and hard work, but I ended up getting very nice feedback from the community which gave me a little boost. After I have realized that this has some potential, I decided to work on it as a full-time artist and I am pretty happy about it. The support is the main reason I am continuing this texture pack, so give feel free to give opinions on what you like or dislike!

This is basically a high quality 16x16 texture pack. I tried to create as much detail as I can in just low quality art and it makes such a notable difference that everything is detailed and has depth. This is not one of those pesky 5 minute texture packs that only have a few colors added to each pixel, I spend time and work to draw out a realistic image in just 16 pixels, and I hope everyone enjoys it, as I do :)



I am temporarily using the default textures for the blocks I have not done yet. Please stay tuned until I finish with all the textures, and be sure to give feedback! It always helps!

I am planning to change more item textures after I am done with the blocks.

I'm not really planning to change any mobs, unless if you guys convince me. Although, I made the Endermen's eyes completely white to make them look a little scarier.

Greener Grass

I basically changed the barf-colored grass into a nice and friendly green colored grass. It's such a shame that beautiful landscape like this is ruined just by the default texture pack.


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