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Support development! **

About Glimmars Steampunk's Steampunk 'Glimmar Vids' on my Youtube Channel


........Glimmar's Steampunk 'Glimmar Pics' on my Imgur Channel


.....6 Years and Counting

I'm now in my 6th year of work on this pack, both here and on the Minecraft Forums, representing a huge investment of time. I've never used a 'donate' button before or asked for contributions. However, I'd love to be able to continue supporting my GS resource pack for another 6 years and so I've taken the very daring step to include a Curse/Forge 'donate' button above for the first time.


If you'd like to help me by contributing to my 'coffee fund' for all the work I've done into the wee small hours, I would really appreciate it. Please consider clicking on my new 'donate' button above (located underneath the green 'download' button, top right) it would be much appreciated, or at least just click my 'following' button instead. Many thanks if you do. :)


In any event, thanks for visiting and getting as far as reading this. I'm sincerely grateful for all the support I have already received by way of encouraging comments and suggestions. It's very pleasing to have entertained at least some of you over the years. Thank you.



.....Welcome to My Secret Lair

For more information, up-to-date changelog, including latest videos and screens, lots of alternative textures and extra mod support, please visit my official 'Minecraft Forums' Resource Pack thread here:

.....Using This Well Oiled Precision Machine

Once downloaded, the texture pack zip goes in the Minecraft Resources folder, and like most HD texture packs, requires Optifine to roll with a full head of steam...found here: 


Optifine makes use of many extra custom features I've created - better skies, biome colors, lighting and HD font. Many of my terrain blocks, items, guis and mobs (even the sky!) are animated...working craftbenches, pulsing furnaces, flickering electrical items and strange alchemical contraptions! I also supply a huge range of 'Randommobs' and Connected Textures - upwards of 3,000 extra textures!

.....Want Even More Gadgets & Gizmos?

If you like using all those wonderful mods those clever Minecraft modders have worked on over the years, but would prefer to have them in the style of Glimmar's Steampunk, then catch a cab over to Glimmar's Steampunk 'Mod Emporium', hosted by the 'e-steam-able', Megistus Allegius:



.....Please Respect My Work, Chaps - LEGAL

All users of Glimmar's Steampunk, past and present, should know that it comes with new conditions rendering invalid all permissions issued before 2nd Feb. 2015. Redistribution of my textures and art assets outside this Curse/Forge official page and my official "Glimmar's Steampunk" thread, is now strictly forbidden.

For anything other than personal use, read the full licence and conditions in the 'Legal' section on page 1 of my official thread on before download: 

Glimmar's Steampunk on Minecraft Forums 

You are free to edit this pack for personal use, or make videos and reviews, show screens, etc. with proper credit and links back to my Minecraft Forums thread, but you must not re-post any of my packs, textures or art assets online outside of my official pages here or on as they are copyright. 'Direct linking' to my downloads is strictly forbidden too, as this by-passes my 'official' threads, denies users access to the latest information and curtails the very small reward I get from Curse for all my considerable efforts. If you wish to support the long term survival of this pack, please report any infractions on my official thread.

.....Psssss! Don't Forget to Visit My Secret Base of Operations


Tally Ho! My fellow empire builders, when you have decimated...ahem... beg pardon... developed the land and built something monstrously epic, don't forget to cackle like an evil villain ...alternatively, just tip yer hat and smile gently with pride. Let me see a pic of your work over on my MC Forums thread and if I like it, with your permission I might include it in my Imgur 'Fan Creations' album for all to see. My official MC Forums thread is the best place to find the 'Glimmar' and ask a question, talk to other users, make a comment and see what I'm working on with the latest vids and pics: may find it convenient to bring along your P.A.S.C.I.B.O.R.D. (Portable & Spatially Compact Inventory Box Of Relative Dimension). This is what it looks like, in case you're having some difficulty in locating the device.

Changelog details also included in pack download.


Changes and additions listed in no particular logical order :

Ginormous new 'GS Jukebox Sounds v1' (separate add-on pack). Not completed yet, but still containing a huge collection of sounds and music arranged as soundscape files for the in-game jukebox records. When played the atmosphere of the game is greatly enhanced.


New 'Redstone Dust Pipes' (separate add-on pack) - fixes normal redstone dust brass pipes textures. Great credit and thanks to Norzeteus of 'Norzeteus Space' who allowed me to use his .json magic to re-enable my old pipes. See separate add-on pack download.


Wasted many days of free time trying to fix the problem of my items displaying mirror fashion in item frames...without success. If it wasn't for 'Johnny4life' on the Minecraft Forums, I'd probably still be uploading GS v18 with 'reversed' items rendering my new compass, clock and many other items all but unreadable. Johnny4life managed to track down the solution for me and deserves full credit saving the pack...and my sanity!


Fixed pack being listed as not compatible with Minecraft 1.9/1.10/1.11 when selected in the MC texture pack folder.


Fixed literally hundreds of file and folder names in the MCPatcher/ctm folder which contained capital letters that are no longer recognised by Optifine! Also renamed many ctm files and folders to make better sense to me when I come back to work on things after a long break. Days of work went into this!


Fixed many, many animation titles which contained capital letters which are no longer recognised by Optifine! Spent a lot of time on this!


Fixed many ctm textures like stone, dirt, bedrock, granite, etc. Optifine was failing to enforce the option to switch off random orientation of block faces under the 'natural textures off' option, allowing Minecraft 'blockstates' .json files to create unpleasant connections between tiles.


All new collection of wax cylinder records for the mechanical jukebox and designed to compliment the add-on 'GS Jukebox Sounds v1' pack.


26 random endermites made up of grubs, maggots, beetles and all sorts of variations in-between. Random endermites only visible with latest Optifine mod and Minecraft version 1.8-


New 'armorstand' entity.


New 'wooden_armorstand' item.


New 'banner_base' with brass fittings (what else?)


39 new banner entity designs at 256x256. Including cog design, imperial leader design, skull and tools design and 'GS' design.


New sea-lantern.


New glass_blue stained glass - but only tinted stained glass now, instead we have a new black cast-iron bolted frame ideal for glass domes and especially appropriate for undersea re-inforced windows - in short they look the part for large undersea cities, ala 'Bioshock'! square panels bolt together and glass is tinted to give the illusion of thickness and etched dirt at the edges of the glass glows with light from inside and without.


New font for use with vanilla Minecraft. Old font still works with Optifine.


Updated 'inventory' guis with big thanks to 'krizmac' who made the process of updating a lot faster by making his own updated 1.11 versions, which I've used as a placement guide for re-editing my originals...requiring a whole day of work. Lots of changes and new animation placements.


Repositioned old animations for new inventory guis.


New 'empty shield' frame item for the new inventory guis.


Added new symbols to inventory gui to bring it up to date with Minecraft 1.11.


Worked on brewing gui to gain a better understanding of how it works and made it a little more practical to use until I can finish it. Repositioned the item slots.


New cauldron...designed to compliment the new end_stone ctm block.


New 'riveted iron shield' shield_base.


New 'riveted iron no pattern iron shield' shield_base_nopattern.


39 new shield entity designs at 256x256. Including cog design, imperial leader design, skull and tools design and 'GS' design as per banner.


New 128x animated 'steam chainsaw' diamond_axe.


New 128x animated 'steam Jack Hammer' diamond_pickaxe.


New 128x animated 'steam rotavator' diamond_hoe.


New 128x animated 'steam shovel' diamond_shovel.


New 'bow' series - now a turn of the century 128x 'steam powered revolver' with new sound effects! It currently fires bullet/darts, as bullets alone were difficult to find again. Subsequently added steam propellent mechanism.


New sound folder with 'thud' .ogg sound effects.


New gunshot sound effect to replace shared bow/fishing rod sound.


New 'Steam Harpoon Gun' which replaces the old fishing rod, thus fixing the problem of way the same sound sample for the gun(bow) is shared with the fishing rod (now Harpoon Gun).


New 'dart' arrow item for revolver steam gun.


New 'dart' spectral_arrow item.


New 'dart' tipped_arrow_base item.


New 'dart' tipped_arrow_head item.


New 'projectile' entities for revolver steam gun: arrow.png, spectral_arrow.png, tipped_arrow.png.


New grass_path_top, grass_path_side. Just a simple placeholder for now. Will be replacing with something that really does look like a worn grass path.


New 64x bookshelf, 44 random bookshelves in all - ranging from bottles, jars, equipment, cupboards, drawers, books, tins, produce, material, etc. These work equally well in, lab, shop, workshop, storeroom or kitchen settings. Enough random variety to not be bothered by repeating textures.


New 'rounded' brass clock edit and separation into 64 item textures. Airships taken out as they were too distracting. Huge project!


All new fancy brass compass separated into 32 item textures, inspired by traditional compasses and 20th century ship bridge controls. Huge Project!


All new boat entities: boat_acacia, boat_birch, boat_darkoak, boat_jungle, boat_oak, boat_spruce. Massive project!


All new boat items: acacia_boat, birch_boat, dark_oak_boat, jungle_boat, oak_boat, spruce_boat.


Temporary edit to map_icons.


Temporary edits to all missing gui textures.


New widgets.png edit.


Fixed various particles.png textures, along with temporary fixes for new particles.


Reverted back from the 1.8 'sold' particle to the brass '+' disc on the particles.png sheet.


New redstone dust: redstone_dust_dot, redstone_dust_line0, redstone_dust_line1, redstone_dust_overlay (sparkles!)


Fixed diorilite ctm which was way too pixelated at a distance. Also one of the 16 ctm andesite textures was displaced by one pixel.


Fixed andesite ctm which was too similar to stone.


New series of random diamond ore ctm, replacing old single animated diamond ore version. Animated version still works when carried as an item.


New series of random emerald ore ctm, replacing old single animated emerald ore version. Animated version still works when carried as an item.


Fixed randomness of the 12 oak plank textures so they work on slabs, double slabs and stairs correctly with ctm.


9 new spruce double_slab textures. Also fixed upper half slab so that it displays it's cast iron band. All working correctly now with ctm.


17 new acacia_plank textures, acacia_slabs, double_slabs, stairs all working correctly with random ctm.


Fixed upper birch_slab ctm so that bottom edge correctly displays it's frame.


Fixed black & white checkerboard white stained clay block ctm. Four tiles were not correctly made to work with ctm correctly. Now whatever angle and arrangement of tiles are combined together they will work as intended.


New carpet_blue ctm. A rich checkerboard woven texture to create a carpet/rug to fit any shape or corner of a room.


New carpet_brown ctm. An opulent oriental/eastern style Victorian rug to fit any shape room.


New lever. Made to look like a locomotive or electrical lever protruding out of an old black riveted metal box. 8 random elements added to levers for a little variety.


New black riveted switch box lever_base texture. Gone is the cobble texture!


New black riveted sides to the comparator. Gone is the stone slab texture!


New 64x repeater texture. This took a 'lot' of work! Now a similar style to the comparator.


New black riveted sides to the repeater. Gone is the stone slab texture.


New 64x repeater item.


New oak fence texture.


New nether brick fence texture.


New end_stone ctm block. A massive piece of work for me...designed for huge construction projects. This new block has had vertical, horizontal and different faces applied to it to represent quite a varied and multipurpose 'steel girder'. dependent on how the block is used it can be a large horizontal support girder, a decorative horizontal run, diagonal small and large girder system, a gantry style floor system on the top face and square heavily riveted ceiling on the bottom face. This block also now nicely compliments a number of other blocks, including 'glass_silver', coal_block, cauldron, etc.


coal_block has been edited to compliment the new end_stone 'girder' block.


cauldron has been edited to compliment the new end_stone block.


New temporary animated 'magma block' based on the edited lava_still animation (kind of a cooled down version).


Fixed rogue pixel floating above ctm mushroom_brown 9.png.


Changed dye_powder_blue from animated spinning rock back to a 'jar' of lapis rocks. Have been finding the spinning rock to be something of an annoying anomaly.


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