Arrival of Darkness 16x

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  • Updated Dec 11, 2014
  • Created Jun 8, 2012
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About Arrival of Darkness 16x

Arrival of Darkness is a texture pack for those who want to have darker textures that look good yet you can still identify everything with ease.

I try to regularly update this texture pack but between school and a normal life I don't have much time to update.
If I am able to update it will usually be around mid-day (only on weekends because I'm not on my computer until 5 unless its a day off).
 Be sure to check back daily for an update.
Mod support currently the mods supported in this texture pack are random mobs and connected textures.
Mods supported will be added over time depending on what I mainly want but you can also suggest mods for me to support and I'll reply with a comment about my opinion. View at Minecraft forums:
You may wish to submit you own review.
If you do PM me and I'll review the video to see if it should be featured so not many reviews will make it in.

3-19-13 : fixed some minor errors and added in some files I forgot about

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