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About S'rendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker

Srendarr adds the ability to track your buffs and debuffs you cast on others, both the long-duration abilities that appear under the Character window as well as the short-term buffs that normally only show via graphical effects on your character. The aura tracking is designed to visually mesh with the standard UI theme but includes many options to change the appearance.

Please note that this initial release, while it has been bugtested, uses a database of durations to "fake" timers for short-term buffs and this database uses durations obtained out of game from wikis and thus may not be entirely accurate for every ability. In a situation where you discover a timer not matching the duration, please let me know so I can update the numbers

/srendarr unlock - unlock the aura display for movement
/srendarr lock - relock the display

Additional options will be found in the Settings menu under S'rendarr.

API Version Update for 1.4
Internal Libraries updated
NEW German translations added, provided by Tonyleila
FIX Timings adjusted on Molten Armour (14.4 -> 10.4)
FIX Weakness to Elements spelling corrected in English
FIX Tooltips being shown no longer blocks the ability to move windows when unlocked

FIX French translations updated to fix Aura Data mismatches, assisted by Lumber
FIX Timing on some auras adjusted to better match usage

NEW French translations, both for settings and Aura Data, provided by Yombee
NEW Profiling system added/enabled to allow copying one characters settings to the active character.

API Version Update for 1.1

NEW Can now filter target auras in the same way as player auras
NEW Auras can now 'grow' horizontally centered on their anchor
NEW Can now toggle showing the ability name and statusbar timer for vertical growth
FIX Corrected typo for Blinding Flashes, should now be tracked
FIX Corrected typo for Fed on ally, should now not be tracked when hiding Vamp/WW auras
FIX Debuffs should no longer stop working after a zone change

FIX Added more Vampire/WW abilities to the checklist for hiding
FIX Corrected typo for Mages' Fury (and Wrath), should now be tracked
FIX Auras will now re-display after using the quickslot radial
FIX Auras will now update appropriately after going through a 'major' zoneline

FIX Fixed an error caused by tracking passives

NEW Can now track targets long-term buffs, toggles and passives in a new window (disabled by default)

NEW Can now toggle showing the 'Soul Summons' (rez) cooldown
NEW Can enable mouseover tooltips for aura icons on a per window basis
FIX Added a casting time for Crystal Fragments and its morphs
FIX Fixed typo preventing Blessing Of Restoration and its morphs showing up
FIX Fixed (hopefully) the Fed on Ally cooldown showing up if you choose to hide Vamp/WW abilities
FIX Drag overlay label being in the wrong place when auras grow to the right

Initial curse release.


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