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About SmartBags

Localization : EN - FR - DE (BETA)

Show on your UI : inventory slots, bank slots, money, bank money, loot log system and fully customized options

Show in chat log: loots / gold received / lost log system with custom settings (for character and group)

Settings panel : Available in the game settings panel for customize all options (colors, warning alert, lock / unlock, texts colors and many others)

In game functions : <Mouse Left> to move frame, <Mouse Right> to change infos display (switch between character and bank mode), auto-switch option when bank is open / close, keybind for quickly switch between each modes

(Contact me for support in game @ReikanYsora)

V. 1.3.1

  • (NEW) Add a new option for auto toggle when bank is open / close (switch in bank mode when your character opened his bank)
  • (NEW) Add a new option for hide or show SmartBags during NPC dialogs
  • (NEW) SmartBags can be keybinded now in the general keybinds settings panel (to quickly switch between each modes)
  • (NEW) LootGoldLog : Add a new option for enable / disable gold received or lost in chat log
  • Few localization corrections (i always search a german user for help me on trad. "SmartBags_Localization.lua" is the localization file, you can report modifications in the addon page comments)

V. 1.3.0

  • (NEW) Add a new settings panel available in the game settings panel
  • (NEW) Multiples custom options are now available : custom all bar and states colors, custom warning value, lock / unlock frame, custom text colors...
  • Many fixes on LootGoldLog functions : items text, text, colors options, events functions (quest, loot, party loots...)
  • ProgressBar textures have been improved and are now more visible (with custom colors) and are more faithful to the basic game UI
  • Slash command have been removed, the new settings panel replace them
  • Global optimization (many functions are now used only when it's necessary)
  • (BETA) The DE localization are not available in the settings panel (i search a german user for help me on trad. "SmartBags_Localization.lua" is the localization file, you can report modifications in the addon page comments)

V. 1.2.1

  • Fix an lua error at character connection
  • Gold display is now align correctly
  • Fix a bug that could appear when the character deposit/withdrawal money in bank

V. 1.2.0

  • Complete redevelopment for frame rate optimization (informations update only if this is necessary)
  • Add a progressive bar for bags and bank space display with color alerts
  • (BETA) Add a new loot log system (enable or disable with /smartbags LOGON and /smartbags LOGOFF commands)
  • (BETA) Add a new gold log system
  • (BETA) Add Deutsch localization (/smartbags DE)
  • Fix many colors bugs
  • Add /sb slashcommand in addition to the old /smartbags slashcommand
  • Temporarily "items quality functions" have been removed, i want to upgrade correctly this functionality via a tooltip system in a future version

V. 1.1.0b

  • Display with 2 modes : Character inventory / bank with slots and money for both
  • Add a new global items quality system
  • Global optimization

V. 1.0.0

  • Add Inventory informations, free slots, bank and money bank - Add localisation with command (show Addon page for details)


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