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About Price Tracker

General Info

Price Tracker is a simple addon that scans all your guild banks and tracks items and their prices. It then calculates and shows a suggested price in the item tooltip, as well as the minimum and maximum prices and the number of times the item was seen in the stores.

The suggested price can be calculated in several ways (which can be selected in the settings menu):

  • Weighted average: The average price of all items, with stack sizes taken into account. For example, a stack of 10 items will be counted 10 times when calculating the average price.
  • Median price: The price value for which half of the items cost more and half cost less.
  • Most popular price: The most common price value.[/COLOR]

How to Use

Initially, all the guild stores have to be inspected in order for the addon to work properly. Simply go to a banker, open the Guild Store menu and click on the 'Scan Prices' button on the left-hand side. This will take a while, depending on how many guild stores are available, and how many items are listed in each guild store. During the scanning process, the 'Scan Prices' button will be disabled. It will be reenabled once all the guild stores have been scanned.

After that, simply select an item in your bag, and if the item is listed in a guild store, it will show the suggested price.

Updating Prices

Occasionally, click on the 'Scan Prices' button again to update the price list with newly listed items.

- Removed sneaky debug message

- Support API version 100009
- Added optional sound notification when search is complete

- Fixed crashing error when a tabard was showing in the guild store

- Support API version 100008
- Preserve price history from previous API version

- Fixed bug causing ESO to crash when hovering over a guild store listing item
- Cleaning stale items now works as expected
- Item levels are now calculated as expected
- Fixed variable leak

- 'Scan Prices' button is enabled only after the search cooldown is reached

- Indexing items by itemId rather than name
- Using item level as a sub-index

- Improved search algorithm to avoid trading house error messages
- Properly changing guilds between searches to avoid error messages

- Support API version 100007
- Using LibAddonMenu 2.0

- Fixed LibStub typo
- Added pricing info on item tooltip when item link is clicked in chat window

- Added option to view prices from all guilds or a specific guild

- Fixed a bug where enchanting an item would throw an exception

- Added some color
- Added price info to enchanting tooltip
- Added option to hide pricing info unless a key is pressed
- Added more information about the different algorithms

- Doing some housekeeping and removing items that cannot be parsed, in order to avoid errors when trying to calculate suggested price

- More bug fixes
- Fixed Median and Mode methods
- Correctly calculating median value per item, instead of per stack

- Fixed a typo when calculating a weighted average

- Added an experimental way to clean stale prices in the database. Use it at your own risk, as it has not been debugged yet.
- Suggested price shows which guild it was found in, if possible.
- Reformatted the price table
- Minor improvements to code quality

- Removed unnecessary debug information

- Fixed loot window error

- Added missing default values

- Added settings menu
- Providing three ways to calculate the suggested price: weighted average (default), median, and mode (most popular value)
- Number of times item seen in stores can be turned off
- Min / max can be turned off

- Fixed 'Research Trait from Item' window error
- Display integers, ignore fractions
- Added min / max prices
- Suggested prices per item and per stack are displayed in separate lines
- Added number of times seen in guild stores
- Minor cosmetic and code fixes

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