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  • The Elder Scrolls Online
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  • Supports: 1.2.3
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  • Updated Jun 28, 2014
  • Created Apr 15, 2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: MundusMap v0.24

About MundusMap

A simple add on that shows the location of every Mundus Stone (the ones that give you the boon buff) in all of Tamriel. Can filter out by stone type and locations are shown on the Tamriel map so stones are easier to find (Tamriel map icon can be turned off in options). There has been some coding changes to that both German and French are now supported. Please, if you run in any of those languages, let me know if I spelled something wrong... or made a bad phrase... or I am calling something by the wrong name. Google translate isn't the best. Oh... it'd also be good to know if things seem to be working in those languages. HELPFUL HINT: Because of how the map pins are layered, and because I haven't coded to deal with it yet, you may need to disable "objectives" on the map to see the stones underneath the default ZO stones. More functionality to come in future releases. Current plans are for: compass support, further localization, icon customization, per character settings, easier to see pin options, removal of the CustomMapPins library (as it doesn't seem to be officially supported), and maybe more filter options. (FYI: Oddly, there currently is no Lord stone in Cyrodiil) This add on would not have been possible if not for the work of Mitsarugi, Garkin, Seerah, and Shinni. Libraries Used: LibStub - Seerah LibAddonMenu - Seerah CustomMapPins - Shinni (There will be more of these in the future) Data Gathering: - Maps of the Mundus Stones (wish it were the coordinates, though) - Stone locations (Garkin taught me how to fully utilize this site) Authors and their addon's that made MundusMap possible: Mitsarugi / TreasureMap - The foundation addon for MundusMap. Garkin / SkyShards - Find Stone locations, ESOHead navigation, and Texture pinning (Garkin is simply awesome) Shinni / HarvestMap - Coding for pin placement. If you don't have the above three addons installed, then you're playing ESO in the dark. Translation: German - Rhadek and Storm Reaver Stone Location Fixes: Rhadek

v 0.23 Updated to 1.2.3 compatibility

v 0.23 Better coordinates and settings screen

v 0.22 Some updated coordinates and 1.1 compatibility

v 0.21 German localiztion

v 0.20 Localization, more optimizations

v 0.11 Filters, Red markers, Tamriel map, and optimizations.

v 0.01Created the program.


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