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About Dustman


This addon will deal with your unwanted items:

  • all "trash" items will be automatically marked as junk
  • option to mark ornate items as junk
  • option to mark items up to selected quality as junk (items with researchable trait, set bonus or rare style can be excluded)
  • option to mark ingredients up to selected provisioning level or which is not used in any of your recipes as junk
  • option to mark cold/congealed/stale food and cloudy/flat/murky drinks as junk
  • option to mark fishing lure as junk
  • option to destroy all items marked as junk with zero gold value
  • option to track user marked junk

All items marked as junk will be automatically sold to vendor when you open store window.

In-game setting is in the SETTINGS -> Addon Settings -> Dustman menu (or just type /dustman).

How to manually install addon:

  • Go to the "Elder Scrolls Online" folder in your Documents
For Windows: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\<version>\
For Mac: /Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/<version>/
(replace <version> with the client you're using - "live" or "liveeu")
  • You should find an AddOns folder, if you don't, create one.
  • Extract the addon from downloaded zip file to the AddOns folder
  • Log into the game, and in the character creation screen, you'll find the Addons menu. Enable your addons from there.

This addon uses the following libraries:
Thanks to:

v1.9.2 (Ayantir)
- Tiny fix when for destroying items

v1.9.1 (Ayantir)
- Exclude stolen clothes now exclude "laundered" ones too

v1.9 (Ayantir)
- Stolen Soul Gems, Lockpicks, Ingredients, Style stones & Solvants can now be excluded from laundering. they can also be destroyed if specified.

v1.8.2 (Ayantir)
- Fixed Craftstore compatibility for version 3.30+

v1.8.1 (Ayantir)
- Fix for collected trophies
- Added IC & Orsinium Fish trophies to the list of potential items to junk.

v1.8 (Ayantir)
- Orsinium API Bump
- Added Akaviri, Ancient Orc & Mercenary as rare styles
- Added Akaviri, Ancient Orc & Mercenary styles stones
- Added a quality selector for stolen items.

v1.7.4 (Ayantir)
- Due to ZOS restrictions, Dustman will now sell only 98 first items of its list. Please note that at 100 messages in less of 10 seconds, a spam warning message may appear and at 110, you'll be kicked from game.
- Added new AvA potions in whitelist for users who sells their looted potions

v1.7.2 (Ayantir)
- Stolen items were not recognized anymore, fixed
- Little update to the german translation (thanks Baertram!)

v1.7.1 (Ayantir)
- Jewels were also excluded when setting Armor/Weapons level limitation, they're not anymore

v1.7 (Ayantir)
- API Update for Imperial City
- German translation updated, many thanks to Baertram
- Added an option (in Notification submenu) to do not sell trash when talking to a merchant/fence

v1.6 (Ayantir)
- You can now exclude items with level >= desiredLevel . Level follow crafts tiers.
- You can now exclude glyphs with level >= desiredLevel . Level follow crafts tiers.
- You can now exclude potions with level >= desiredLevel . Level follow crafts tiers.
- You can now exclude items with a non craftable enchantment.
- Added Xivkyn and Glass as rare styles.
- Added Xivkyn and Glass stones in styles stones list.
- You can now exclude potions if you only got a full stack in bag.
- You can now exclude potions if you only got a full stack in bank.
- You can now import Dustman settings from another character. Settings remains character base
- libstub library has been updated to v4

You're greatly encouraged to set exclude items with level >= for incoming IC patch

v1.5 (Ayantir)
- Jewels are now totally separated from Armors & Weapons. You should activate "Mark equipable jewels" if needed. Added an option for set jewelss too. A new Jewel submenu has been set. Please note that "Mark equipable equipment" and others won't junk your jewels anymore. "Zero value items" still junk Weapons, Armors and Jewels on the other hand.
- Added an option to mark old provisioning ingredients. Option activated per default.
- Perfect Roe in now handled by "Exclude Rare additives".

v1.4 (Ayantir)
- Added an option to mark jewels without trait. Mara Ring is excluded
- Added an option to mark non crafted potions. Crown-Store potions are excluded

v1.3.9 (Ayantir)
- Improved Trophies and fishing trophies detection
- Added an option to mark armors and weapons without trait with a quality selector. Please not that even if you set this option to No and if you mark equippable items to Yes, they'll be marked.
- Added an option to mark non crafted glyphs with a quality selector.

v1.3.7 (Ayantir)
- Changed handling of stolen items :

- A stolen item category has been added.
- Valuable stolen items (with any other purpose) still have an option to be junked.
- Standard stolen items such as ingredients, armor, etc, will now follow the rules of the non-stolen ones. They'll also be automatically destroyed if settings allows it, be sell when talking to a launder if enabled.
Destroying stolen items can be set with a special threshold in the Destroying submenu.
- Added option to launder stolen items that doesn't match dustman filters when talking to a launder.
- Added option to exclude stolen clothes from launder and sell. This one is enabled by default.

- fixed support for CraftStore 3.00
- added option to set the ornate quality of ornate jewels
- added option for trophies, they'll be junked if you already got it
- re-added fish trophies, they'll be junked if you already got it
- updated french translation & few tiny fixes

- added support for final version of CraftStore 3.00
- changed handling of stolen items (again)
- added option to junk provisioninig ingredients if you already have full stack in bank

- bug fixes

- fixed "Use remembered items first" option in the settings menu (it was always disabled)
- added separate destroy value threshold slider & quality dropdown for stolen valuables (stolen valuables are items which does not have any other use then selling to fence)
- improved compatibility with FCO ItemSaver and Circonians FilterIt. Dustman will no longer consider items marked for vendor as protected and they will be correctly junked & sold.
- added preliminary support for CraftStore 3.00, removed support for older versions (they doesn't work with Update 6 anyway...)
- fixed itemId typo (reported by Tarulia)

- added option to exclude items with Nirnhoned trait
- sell dialog will be shown only if you really have items for sale
- changed handling of stolen items - unusable stolen items are now really just items which can't be worn, all other stolen items will be handled the same way as "clean" items

- fixed quality dropdown in settings menu
- first part of stolen items support

- fixed sell junk dialog

- updated for API version 100011 (Update 6)
- updated LibAddonMenu-2.0 library

- added option to do not destroy stackable items with gold value
- added support for FilterIt marks

- added option to mark trait material as junk
- added option to mark as style/trait material as junk only if you have full stack in bank already

- added option to junk known provisioning recipes
- added option to destroy unwanted items with gold value
- fixed reporting items with set bous
- fixed incorrect marking of items looted from the Sealed Urn.
- changed a few default values

- added option to exclude items with set bonus

- fixed typo in settings menu
- fixed remebered items filter

- updated API verson to 100010 (Update 5)
- updated LibAddonMenu-2.0 (r16)

- added option to mark equipable items of selected quality
- items marked by FCO ItemSaver or Item Saver won't be juked
- added option to make user marked junk as a highest priority filter
- added support for CraftStore (2.00+)
- fixed bug in cloudy/flat/murky drinks filter

- updated API version to 100009 (Update 4)
- updated from libResearch 1.0 to 2.0

- added style material submenu
- fixed issue with quest item Hunting Bow

- added german translation (thanks to Phidias)

- removed redundant functions

- updated API version to 100008 (Update 3)
- updated libResearch (r4)
- small changes to rare style tracking

# There is a few lines to ensure compatibility with EU megaserver until Update 3 is deployed on both servers.

- updated LibAddonMenu-2.0 library (r14)
- small changes to the ingredients handling
- fixed bug when quest item Wabbajack was moved into the junk

- updated LibAddonMenu-2.0 library (r13)
- updated french localization (thanks to Zuhligan)
- a few changes to remembered user marked junk - it should be more reliable, but it reset current saved variables
- white equipable zero value items have now separate checkbox in settings menu
- white crafted items are now ignored, so Dustman should not mark your crafted items as junk

- fixed missing space in chat messages with links

- updated API version
- updated LibAddonMenu-2.0
- added Zuhligan's french localization (incomplete, but working)

- updated APIversion
- new settings menu
- added tracking of user marked junk
- added quality checks
- added rare style check
- added sell junk dialog
- addon now uses libResearch library

- small bug fix for slotId

- all trophy fishes will be automatically marked as junk
- used bait will be automatically marked as junk
- added option to mark digusting food/drinks as junk

- added french localization

- added settings menu
- added new options what can be marked as junk
- added option to destroy junk worth 0 gold

- added workaround for unsellable pets
- fixed language selection
- added total value of sold items

- updated texts

- fixed language selection

- Added localization support
- added license

- Bugfix: Receipt is now shown only for items sold by Dustman.

- Tried to fix receipt, however it didn't work either - fixed in v0.4

- Added receipt (requested by Zelophe)

- intial version

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