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  • Updated Feb 21, 2016
  • Created Apr 12, 2014
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About Azurah - Interface Enhanced

Azurah enhances the interface by providing additional information and customization options while maintaining most of the stock look and feel of the game's standard UI.

Current Features:

  • Unlock the interface windows allowing them to be moved anywhere on the screen and scaled in size.
  • Set a minimum level of transparency for your attributes or have them show always.
  • Lock the size of your attributes so food no longer makes them larger.
  • Display text overlays showing your and your target's attributes.
  • Show an overlay displaying your current level of Ultimate power.
  • Colour the target's health bar, name and level by its reaction to you, or its expected difficulty.
  • Show target player's class icon (and alliance icon) beside their name
  • Set an overlay for your experience bar as well as setting it to always be shown.
  • Show when your backpack's contents change with extra options to warn you when your bag is nearly full.
  • Show a timer for the remaining duration of your Werewolf transformation.
  • Ability to enable account wide settings to apply the same choices to all characters on your account.

All of the above features include several options for personalization accessed froim the Settings menu under Azurah. Additonally the ability to unlock the interface for movement can be accessed via the chat window using the slash commands:

/azurah unlock - unlock the interface for movement
/azurah lock - relock the interface

- NEW: Added Thievery options to prevent accidental theft of world items
- NEW: Added a numeric werewolf transformation timer
- NEW: Added the ability to enable account wide settings
- UPDATE: Added gamepad styling for the Bag Watcher

- NEW: Added 'Bag Watcher' to keep track of backpack space (doesn't have a themed look in Gamepad mode yet)
- NEW: Made the Experience Bar movable in Gamepad mode
- General code cleanup, and background changes to Settings menu
- Fixed actionbar icon scaling when the actionbar is not at a default scale
- Fxied LUA error in cyrodiil related to attribute fading
- Fixed non-standard font choices for overlays being reverted if the font belonged to another mod that loaded after Azurah
- Changed versioning scheme to better match standards

FIX Fixed a potential lua error bug caused by the Alert Text Notification alignment change

API Version Update for 1.4
Internal Libraries updated
Incorporated changes made by Garkin to several components
NEW Center screen announcements can now be moved
NEW Alert Text Notifications while be left-aligned if the window is moved to the left side of the screen (by Garkin)
FIX Overlays will no longer scale with their window, use the Font Size settings (by Garkin)
FIX Magicka and Stamina windows will anchor themselves better for when they "grow" via buffs (by Garkin)
REMOVED Range Finder removed due to API changes by ZeniMax making it no longer useful

API Version Update for 1.1
FIX French translations courtesy of Ykses.

FIX French localization doesn't show up for everybody

FIX French translations for overlays corrected
FIX (Partial) Compass quest overlay should now be scaled properly when pin scale is adjusted (still has inaccurate scale on first login if within a quest area)

Major re-write requiring settings to be redone unfortunately.

NEW Profile system to copy settings between characters
NEW Can hide the compass pin 'label'
NEW Can set attribute overlay settings idividually for each window
NEW Can break up overlays with a 'thousands seperator'
NEW More options for overlay appearance
NEW Can now lock the target health bar size (as with player attributes)
NEw Can display an alliance flag for your target
NEW Can re-position class icon and flag for the target (two choices)
NEW Can hide weapon swap icon
NEW Can configure both Ultimate overlays individually

FIX Core re-write to fix bugs and make future bug fixing and additions easier
FIX Windows should now stay put when moved (hopefully!)
FIX Quest 'glow' on the compass will now be the proper size when scaled
FIX Attribute bars no longer have a broken background when scaled
FIX Attribute bars now scale properly when size locked
FIX Attribute 'sub' bars (like mount stamina) now scale with their parents properly

NEW Can move 'notifications' window (the topright text). Please note that if you put it at the bottom of the screen I cannot stop multiple lines from being beneath the previous and they will 'fall' off screen.
FIX Veteran XP gains should now be properly tracked when using the Exp Bar overlay
FIX Additional French translations added courtesy of Ykses.

NEW Can now set the experience bar to never show.
CHANGE The experience bar setting is now a dropdown with 3 options rather than a toggle.
CHANGE Missing translations will now fallback to the default (EN) rather than not showing at all.

NEW Can set range finder to only show up for attackable targets (ie, not players or NPCs)
NEW Can also hide the action bar key bindings themselves.
NEW Can choose to show the target player's class icon beside their name.
NEW French translations courtesy of Ykses.

FIX The quest timer should now move with the Quest Tracker.
FIX The size of the ultimate percent has been increased so the '%' is no longer chopped off.
FIX The experience bar will now hide while crafting if set to Always Shown
FIX The range finder will now appear when stealthed.
NEW Can now lock the attribute bars so they will not change size when buffed.
NEW Can now hide the background behind the action bar key bindings.

FIX Compass pins now re-scale when the compass is changed.
FIX The action bar will no longer reset to its default position after changing skills.
NEW Added ability to move the 'player interact' window
NEW The experience bar can now be set to be always visible.
NEW A range finder can now be shown near the reticle.

Initial Curse release.


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