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Welcome to our weekly WildStar Addon Spotlight! This week we've got the spotlight on BotZapper, an addon created by DragonsVirtue/Rule that makes reporting bots as easy as clicking two buttons!

It's no secret that every MMO deals with the problem of users running outside programs to control their character and basically play the game for them. This is called botting and BotZapper looks for these bots that you normally would have a hard time seeing because they're either invisible, flying, and/or just moving way too fast.

I'm not sure how BotZapper works in its entirety but I'm positive that every time it thinks it's found a bot, it did in-fact find a bot. You can tell by reading the detailed report it generates, like the report in the image above, one way you can tell is that the character is way underleveled or their top speed is way to fast. From here you have three options, you can report the bot, gather more info, or never report the unit. One hundred percent of the time I used BotZapper I reported the bot. It doesn't come up all that often and I've always gotten a kind response from support for submitting the report.


  • Download the Addon from here.
  • Locate your Addons folder. (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons)
  • Place the BotZapper folder found in the .zip file into your Addons folder.

Final Words

While BotZapper is nowhere near a necessity; at under 60 kilobytes, it's not exactly a memory hog either. I find it's nice to keep it running because as a miner, I hate seeing bots snag mining nodes right in front of me. BotZapper has earned a spot on my addon list and if you like squashing bots efficiently, I think it might find a spot in your addon folder.

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