WildStar Addon Spotlight: IconLoot

WildStar Addon Spotlight

Welcome to our first ever WildStar Addon Spotlight! In this issue we will cover IconLoot, an addon created by daihenka that includes loot notifications and greatly improves the loot window.

Iconloot is one of those addons where once it’s installed, you barely notice it’s an addon. What it does do, is highlight the loot that drops with customizable notifications and a better loot window.

Like you see in the image above it places an icon next to the items name, but it also gives you another line of info, and it makes reading the quantity easier. A nice notification window pops up for items, you can set the itemthreshold to all the item tiers, and I found that the blue setting was optimal, as greens tend to drop too frequently.

There’s quite a few options you can fiddle around with, like having it grow upwards or downwords, or compact the names to fit more in. This addon really gives you all the tools you need to make loot notifications just the way you want them.


  • Download the addon from here.
  • Locate your AddOns folder. (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\addons.
  • Place the IconLoot folder found in the .zip file in your AddOns folder.

Final Words

I really wouldn’t be surprised if Carbine stole some ideas from this addon and upgraded the default loot window and notification settings to give them more options. And if they don’t, well we we’ve got IconLoot for the time being!

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