J1mB0's Crosshair – WoT Mod Spotlight & Interview

Welcome to this week’s World of Tanks mod spotlight and interview! Featured this week is J1mB0's Crosshair Mod, a sight mod created by J1mB091.

This mod updates your arcade, sniper, and artillery “tactical” sights with exceptionally cleaner and more visibly distinct versions. In addition to the updated crosshair visuals, it adds several tools that provide new information and improves on existing, such as:

  • Distinct color change from red (loading) to green (loaded) on the aim indicator.
  • Reload timer to display exact time to next available shell, as well displaying average time between reloads.
  • Easier to read tank health and reload indicator bars.
  • Range finder to determine exactly how far your current target is.

J1mB0's mod also offers a special “Shell Travel Time” option that can be installed. This additional file adds a time to target on the right side of the standard Tactical mode (used for artillery,) enabling you to better lead targets by gaging the time your shell will take to reach them.

We were able to track down the mods author, J1mb091, for a quick interview:

Why did you decide to make your own custom crosshairs?

As I never really liked the original one I started quiet early using custom ones and later I found those with a reload timer. I didn't really like them so I started translating Russian ones for my clan and myself which isn't that hard. Then after a while I started decompiling those crosshairs and editing more than just the translation and that was my first released version.

How difficult was it to design and create the files for your mod?

First I had problems to decompile the existing files as I wasn't sure what program to use and also the first decompiled files had bugs included, so I contacted other modders (Adiya) who gave me good tips. After I had my decompiled bug free files I was able to use those for all further updates to add new features. But if WG updates the files sometimes I still have problems with the new ActionScript2 (AS2) code they implemented as I’m not that good in that.

What type of tools did you have to use to create them?

To decompile the SWF files I use Sothink SWF Decompiler, which isn’t 100% accurate but it works best for the crosshair files.

For editing I use Adobe Flash Professional which is very easy to learn for designing the crosshair but if someone want to add stuff like the reload timer AS2 experience is required. Later I started predesigning the crosshair in Adobe Photoshop which I prefer as I’m more experienced in that program and I feel better how it will look in game.

Any other mods currently in the works or special updates to your crosshair?

There are no new mods planned but I will always try to update my Contour Icon and Crosshair Mod on patch days.

In the crosshair I will integrate the angle on the ground for artillery from the known DAR crosshairs, which will be in a different file so no one has to use it.

Do you have any advice for other users wanting to get into designing their own mods?

If you want to create your own mods and you have Flash experience just get the decompiler, start decompiling and then editing the files with Adobe Flash and try stuff to see what happens in game. You can also decompile existing mods to see how they are built and learn from them. If you have no clue about Flash I suggest you get the trial versions of the programs I listed and try them for 30-Days. When you get used to them you can buy them and create your own mods. Learning those programs is also possible with YouTube as there are many different tutorials. You can also contact me via PM in the WoT Forum as I have no problems responding to them, but first try out my other suggestions.


Thank you J1mB091 for taking the time to answer our questions and developing this mod!


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