Minecraft Map Spotlight - The Tunnel

Welcome to the latest Minecraft Map Spotlight! This time we will cover The Tunnel, an adventure map created by ccc395.

In this map your whole adventure will take place in a tunnel. This tunnel is entirely made from bedrock, so the only way you can escape is to reach the end. In your journey, you will come across various monsters, ghosts and other threads. To make things easier, various items will be available for you to find; such as weapons and hints.

The tunnel is located at a farm, where it suddenly appeared overnight. Inside, you are allowed to break anything if necessary, even though that may not help you complete it.

  1. Download the map from here.
  2. Locate your saves and resourcepacks folders (Windows: %appdata%/.minecraft/saves,Unix: ~/Library/Application Data/Minecraft/).
  3. Open Tunnel.zip.
  4. Place the "The Tunnel" folder in the saves folder.
  5. Enjoy your newly installed map!

The Tunnel is an interesting take on the adventure genre. It takes place in a tunnel and your only goal is to reach the end, by defeating monsters and finding your way across various obstacles.

Thanks to MadPixel for the Minecrafter font


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