Minecraft Spotlight: Last Days

Minecraft Spotlight
Last Days

In today's Minecraft Spotlight we will take a look at Last Days, a 32x texture pack that was originally created by Doku and which is currently managed by xemnasvii. The pack gives the game a post-apocalyptic feel suitable for building barren wastelands.

After installing this pack, the first thing you will notice is the colours, or lack thereof. While the world used to be full of them, there are not many left aside from lots of grey and brown. Besides colour, many other things have changed as well. The idea is that trees and other plant life have ceased to exist, so the author had to come up with something else. This pack only replaces textures, not models. This means, that everything shaped like a tree is actually something else, namely a "scrap shack", made from pieces of metal and wood. If you ask me, this is a pretty clever solution. The problem is that there so many of them, you would think everybody somehow survived a global disaster. Besides trees, other objects have been replaced as well. A cactus is now a stack of barrels of toxic waste, which is rather fitting as lava has been made into a green liquid.

As you can imagine, there would nog be many survivors in such an empty world. The ones that did survive turned into mutants, such as cows. Mobs like creepers, spiders and ghasts have been replaced by robotic counterparts. All in all there is quite a variety among the mobs, and they all fit well into the environment.

Gallery: Last Days

In addition to the world and its inhabitants, the pack covers the user interface as well. Each window is made from monochrome displays, sort of like what you see in the Fallout games. This approach has been applied to some blocks as well, including signs, which is a nice touch. The UI is consistent, and blends in nicely with the other aspects of the pack.

A pack like this would not be complete without new items, as everything would be out of place. Luckily, they have been given a redesign as well. Some of the tools have been replaced by something different, such as drills and wrenches. This applies to the weapons as well, these include hammers, pipes and more. There are plenty of other interesting items too, but it would be too much to list them all here.

Installation & Requirements

  1. Download and install MCPatcher or Optifine.
  2. Download Last Days from here.
  3. Locate your resourcepacks folder (%appdata%\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks).
  4. Place the Equanimity.zip file in there.
  5. Launch the game.
  6. Go to "Options", and then "Resource Packs".
  7. Select the texture pack and click "done".
  8. Enjoy your newly installed texture pack!

Installing either MCPatcher or Optifine is required for the pack to work as intended. These mods make it possible for the game to make use of high resolution textures, and more. Be sure to install only one of them.

Final Words

If you happen to be a fan of the post apocalyptic genre, this pack will certainly be to your liking as well. It offers everything you need to build your own wasteland or turn an existing world into one.


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