Minecraft Spotlight - EnchantPlus

Welcome to the Wednesday Minecraft Spotlight! In this issue we will cover EnchantPlus, a plugin that makes it possible to enchant items more than once. Created by DarkBladee12 and tested by Kai6766.

Normally, items can only have more than one enchantment if the player combines it with another one using an anvil. Which means that one of these items will have to be sacrificed. This plugin will allow items to be enchanted more than once, at an enchanting table rather than an anvil.

In addition to multiple enchantments, the plugin also introduces a new way of enchanting: by simply executing a command. This command will take the costs of the enchantment into account, just like the enchantment table. However, the difference is that players can choose the enchantment themselves. Besides the enchant command there is also one that displays a list of all available enchantments, which can be handy for those who do not know them all.

Simply follow these steps and your players will be enjoying this plugin in no time!

  1. Download the latest version of EnchantPlus from here or here.
  2. Place the "EnchantPlus.jar" file in the "plugins" folder, located in your server's main directory.
  3. Start or reload your server.
  4. Check if the "EnchantPlus" folder has been added to the "plugins" folder successfully.
  5. Open the "config.yml" file found in the folder mentioned above to configure the plugin.
  6. Reload your server to load your new configuration.
  7. Enjoy your newly installed plugin!

As usual, the plugin can be configured using the included .yml file. This allows you to toggle enchantment stacking (increases the level upon enchanting an item more than once with the same enchantment), set maximum levels for individual enchantments, and more.

We also had the opportunity to interview DarkBladee12, the creator of EnchantPlus. Read on to learn more about the development process behind the plugin!

How did you get into Minecraft?
Some friends told me about Minecraft when the version 1.6 was out, I tried it and had so much fun with it. I played mostly singleplayer and after the piston update came out I played around with the redstone mechanic and built awesome things. Later on I played on a server which was abandoned after a few months, since then I had my own server.

What made you decide to become a plugin developer?
It was actually a guy from our partner server who wanted to teach me how to develop plugins, but he wasn't very experienced and could only explain a few things, so I went on and checked out the internet for tutorials to become a good plugin developer. I figured out the most things by testing it by myself and get more experienced with every plugin I develop.

What was your inspiration for this specific project?
Well the inspiration was a video, there was a "glitch" shown which allowed you to enchant items multiple times but the video was actually just a fake. After some months of developing some little plugins I remembered this and thought I'd be a nice thing to have in Minecraft.

How did the community respond to the plugin’s first public release?
After I've uploaded the first version there were only a few people who wrote comments and downloaded the plugin, but after a week it became more popular and I had over 1.000 downloads on this project. Now the downloads are already over 11.000 and I get good ideas from people in the comments!

Roughly how much time did it take to finish the first working version of EnchantPlus?
The first version took me a few day, because I had no idea how to handle multiple enchanting of an item, so I started a post on bukkit asking for help, but no one had any ideas. Then I got the idea by simply removing the enchantment when you put the item into the enchant window and applying them again when you take it out.

Did you come across any difficulties during development and, if any, how did you handle them?
The most issues I came across with were some duplication bugs, but nothing too hard to solve.

What was your favourite development tool for this project?
My favourite tool was and is Eclipse, I also tested other ones but Eclipse is the best so far in my opinion!

Have you learned anything new from this project?
Yeah, I mainly learned how to work with packets and the enchantment mechanics.

What stage of EnchantPlus’s development process did you enjoy most?
I enjoy the testing part very much on every of my projects :)

And what is your favourite feature of the plugin itself?
My favourite feature is that you can enchant items multiple times, because enchanting items with commands is not that special.

Are you currently working on any other plugins or updates?
There's no update planned for EnchantPlus yet, because almost every idea from the users is in and every bug is fixed. I'm currently working on other mechanic/fun plugins such as ItemSlotMachine and UltimateRockets.

In addition to your Minecraft plugins, have you ever released any custom content for other games?
No, Minecraft is the only game I've released content for.

Do you have any advice for other potential plugin developers?
Yes, if you're starting with developing you should first learn the java basics, then search for some tutorials how to work with the bukkit api and don't ask every time you get stuck on the forums, because learning by yourself is the best method.

Reaching the end of the interview, we would like to thank DarkBladee12 for taking the time to answer our questions and of course for developing the plugin in the first place!

EnchantPlus is a very nice server plugin that expands the enchantment system. It allows players to enchant items multiple times; either using the enchantment table or a command and makes it possible to set maximum enchantment levels as well.

Thanks to MadPixel for the Minecrafter font.


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