Minecraft Spotlight - Lockdown

Welcome to the Monday Minecraft Spotlight! In this issue we will be featuring Lockdown, a plugin developed by zack6849, with contribution of SpartaMercenary.

Lockdown is a plugin that will make maintaining your server easier than before.

Lockdown, as its name suggests, allows you to close down your server in order to prevent players from accessing it, with the exception of server operators and players that have the required permission node. The aim of this plugin is to help server owners maintain their server or rebuild its worlds, by kicking all players, making it impossible for them to interfere in the process.

In addition to maintenance, the plugin can be put in against griefers as well. All you would have to do to make that work is giving all trusted players the proper permission nodes, which will allow them to bypass the lockdown. Anyone else will be presented with the notice shown below.

The plugin can be operated from within the game, by using a selection of commands that allow you to toggle the lockdown, show the status, reload the plugin's configuration and more.

Simply follow these steps and your players will be enjoying this plugin in no time!

  1. Download the latest version of Lockdown from here or here.
  2. Place the "LockDown.jar" file in the "plugins" folder, located in your server's main directory.
  3. Start or reload your server.
  4. Check if the "LockDown" folder has been added to the "plugins" folder successfully.
  5. Open the "config.yml" file found in the folder mentioned above to configure the plugin.
  6. Reload your server to load your new configuration.
  7. Enjoy your newly installed plugin!

Thanks to the included configuration file, the plugin can be customised completely. For example, you can change all messages, the length of the timer and toggle auto updating.

Lastly, we had the chance to interview zack6849, the plugin's creator. Read on to learn more about the development process behind Lockdown!

How did you get into Minecraft?
A friend of mine showed it to me and I thought it was pretty stupid until I actually figured out how it worked, and I've been playing ever since

What made you decide to become a plugin developer?
Many things, at the time I wanted to learn java to make android applications and the fact that plugins were in java was a bonus.

What was your motivation for this specific project?
Actually a friend requested it and I developed it for him, he suggested that I add it to bukkitdev so I did.

How did the community respond to the plugin’s first public release?
At first lots of people ridiculed it because they were saying it was exactly like whitelist, which in reality it was to begin with, but I kept adding features.

Roughly how much time did it take to finish the first working version of Lockdown?
I'd say maybe a day?

Have you come across any difficulties during development and, if any, how did you handle them?
My main issue was setting up the configuration because I'd never used it before, I looked at the documentation and got it working in the end.

What was your favourite development tool for this project?
I can't really say I used many tools, I pretty much only used eclipse and notepad++, unless references count in which case the bukkit documentation and community feedback played a huge role

Have you learned anything new from this project?
As I stated before I learned configuration stuff, but I also learned a lot about other stuff, handling exceptions and stuff.

What stage of Lockdown's development process did you enjoy most?
I can't really say I really enjoyed developing it, but it is a great feeling to see something you made work properly.

And what is your favourite feature of the plugin itself?
I suppose how customizable I made it.

Are you currently working on any other plugins or updates?
LockDown is basically in maintenance, I won't be adding any new features unless they're requested. I'm also working on SuperLogger

In addition to your Minecraft plugins, have you ever released any custom content for other games?
I've never really developed addons or anything like that for any other games.

Aside from your own projects, what are some of your favourite plugins from other authors and why?
Essentials and prisim are quite nice. I use essentials daily because it really simplifies things.

Do you have any advice for other potential plugin developers?
Don't just jump in headfirst, I tried that and you get yelled at and ridiculed by everyone in the support irc channels, learn the basics of java syntax first, read the tutorials, and then try.

Special thanks to zack6849 for both participating in our interview and developing the plugin!

LockDown is a simple but effective tool that helps you maintain your server, and allows you to block access for griefers and other unwanted players. Furthermore, the plugin's settings can be changed to your liking as well.

Thanks to MadPixel for the Minecrafter font.


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