Mod Spotlight: Tainted Magic



Tainted Magic is a mod that vastly expands the usefulness of warp and gives you a reason to keep tainted biomes around. It adds new ore, new foci, new wands, new equipment, new food…really, there’s all sorts of stuff included. Although it is only an extension of Thaumcraft, it adds enough utility and content to allow players to specialize in it. 

(These Warpwood trees did not last long.) 


This mod is available fairly early, making it easy to use it throughout the course of the game. Its higher tier equipment is as difficult to get as any other higher tier Thaumcraft items, so the mod is fairly balanced. Instead of building on pre-existing items, most of Tainted Magic’s items explore new territory and add new mechanics. The addition of unique items, rather than improved items, prevents this mod from becoming overpowered or boring. 


Two sets of armor are dedicated to the Crimson Cult. The Crimson Cult set gives you the same protection as iron armor, a passive warping effect, a 1% vis discount (which stacks, so something closer to 4%), and a Voidtouched effect. The Crimson Praetor set lacks the discount and warping effect, but still has Voidtouched and has the durability of iron. There is also a set dedicated to the void that also give diamond protection, have a combined warping effect of 12, and a vis discount of 5% each. Unfortunately, the Boots of the Voidwalker do not, in fact, let you walk on the void. I was pretty excited until…well…let’s just say that I lost a set of boots. 


At the time of writing, the description for Tainted Magic says that it adds two foci. I’m happy to report that it actually adds four. In order, they are: Tainted Storm, Eldritch, Weather, and Time. Getting research for the Eldritch focus will be either incredibly easy or incredibly hard, depending on how creative you are. I can give a small hint, so skip this paragraph if you don’t want any spoilers: you have to research an entity that you are able to spawn, and that entity normally disappears fast! 


The wands themselves have some interesting effects. A weather focus allows you to toggle between clear and rainy, the time focus allows you to switch between night and day, the tainted storm fires off a stream of tainted bubbles that does a small amount of damage and poisons mobs, and the Eldritch focus blasts mobs with dark energy. Along with the new foci come several new shards: Warped, Flux, and Eldritch. 

Overall, the mod manages to do what it set out for. It allows you to put to use the warp you gain. It gives you a worthwhile reason to visit a tainted biome that isn’t just ‘I need to get rid of this before it gets out of hand.’ The mod is fairly new and continues to expand with time, with updates arriving every month or so. The developer, yorkeMC, is always considering new features and new ways to make this mod interact with others. The mod is quite stable, adds an interesting facet to Thaumcraft, and explores a dark area of magic. Any modpacks focusing on magic—and especially those focusing on black magic—will find Tainted Magic to be an interesting addition.


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