Mod Spotlight: Witchery

We all want a lot more magic in our Minecraft lives, but why load-in some easy magic when you can go for the working man’s magic. You get results AND the character-building activity of working for it—Witchery! Emoniph’s Witchery mod adds a whole depth of items, activities and magic to the game of Minecraft, as well as earning the spot as one of my top favorite Minecraft Mods of all time! 

With Circle Magic, I'm able to instantly cook a whole stack of fish with only a touch of my power. And the spells just get greater from here! Some of those fish look a bit overcooked, though... 

The magic in Witchery stretches from the mundane—like transforming plants into other plants—up to incredible feats of magic, such as summoning demons, cursing other players and rending the very earth to your will! It just all depends on how far you're willing to take it, and how many steps you're willing to go. 

At its very core, Witchery will let you transform plants into other plants. Like my turning this tuft of grass into something exotic. Every plant can transform into various other mundane and modded plants--this is the only way to get certain Witchery trees! 

Personally, I’m a big fan of the intricate brewing system. You get the joys of brewing several new and old potions, but the fun of hunting for exotic and unusual ingredients (like body parts from mobs, various bloods or items obtains from making deals with devils). Afterwards, several potions can be used with other aspects of Witchery, such as casting spells, performing rites or creating poppets. 

After collecting the correct ingredients, I was able to create a Brew of Frost. Using it, I can instantly trap this Chicken, or whomever I choose, in a block of ice. 

A lot of Witchery’s boons make themselves useful when cooperating or fighting with other players. However, Emoniph has ensured a lot to do for the single player game as well! Not only can you persue greater and greater magics, but you can put it to use fighting Witch Hunters and several bosses added to the game. One such boss is the “Lord of Torment”—a hard-to-summon, flying demon that can transport you to a special, maze-like dimension just to, well, torment you. Recent additions also allow you to transform others and yourself into vampires and werewolves. 

To protect themselves from bad witches, vampires, werewolves and so many other dangers, villages have gotten quite a few upgrades, depending on the village's size. Several villages now feature guards, which will attack hostile mobs, and hostile players. 

Seriously, if I get into every little thing you can do in Witchery, we’d be here all day with a quadruple-length article. I would not only heartily recommend playing with Witchery, but maybe even just load-up a custom modpack of only Witchery and NEI and just play with all the different things you can do. If you decide to get down and serious in learning Witchery, it also has an informative and up-to-date wiki for any questions you might have. 

Imbuing myself with the power of the Earth, I'm able to swiftly manipulate the ground, and pull/push metals (including armor!) at a whim. Giving yourself the power of the Overworld, the Nether and the End are some of the upper-limits of your great power in Witchery. 

So, get going! Cast some spells, brew some potions, start a coven and summon some demons! …or just get a pet owl and call it a day. 

Hoo! Hoo! Owls are one of three familiars you can have in Witchery, along with Cats and Toads. Each familiar assists you in various parts of the mod. Owl familiars help you master flying on a broom, as well as being able to deliver messages and throw potions.


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