Mod Spotlight: Mod Pouches

Mod Pouches is a small mod that focuses on a feature that veteran players should be familiar with: portable chests. It doesn’t include any other features, which means it can fit in seamlessly with many different kinds of modpacks. It is built to have modifiable pouches that are compatible with any mod you have installed. There is also a small bit of item customization, but nothing fancy, since there are only two items in the whole mod to customize. 

Mod Pouches are accessible from early game, and a quick player should be able to make their first pouch within minutes of starting a new world. All you need is leather, string, and a few chests. You can upgrade this regular mod pouch to a crafting pouch by surrounding it with crafting tables. Regular pouches can hold a double chest of items, while crafting pouches can only hold one chest, but have a portable crafting table UI built in. 

Once you have an anvil (and a nametag, if you want to be fancy), you’ll be able to customize your pouches. By throwing in a pouch plus any item and crafting it, the pouch will modify to automatically pick up items from the specified item’s mod. You can customize the color of the item’s name—which is normally randomly chosen—by first naming a nametag a hex code (#000000, #FFAAEE, etc.) and then customizing the pouch with the nametag. While customizing the pouch, any items in it will be retained. 


Being able to use the mod from very early on and with easily accessible vanilla resources is refreshing. As far as the mod goes, it does what it is supposed to do, and it does it well. This mod does have a few alternatives, but all of them have many other features attached that might clash with your modpack’s theme. If you’re considering using it, keep in mind that pouches lost are also items lost, and there’s no way of getting them back. Its accessibility certainly helps lazy players like me with item storage before any magic or machines get set up to do that for me.


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