Mod Spotlight: Progression

Progression is a mod that creates a unique leveling system for players by limiting their crafting and mining abilities to a skill tree. Before a player is able to do anything, it senses what the player has unlocked and determines whether the player is allowed to make that action. The result depends on who exactly is making the Progression tree—you can make a map with a focused story, where players can only unlock a tier after achieving a unique drop, or you can create a class system where players are encouraged to take different roles on the server. You can also give them extra abilities instead of limiting them. The mod has the most potential when it comes to making maps, modpacks, or custom server worlds.

The best part about this mod is that it can grant permanent potion effects and unobtainable items based on certain criteria. And there’s a lot of criteria you can specify. Do you want a player to climb the highest hill of a Mushroom Island and offer an egg to the gods? Well, you can give them a Mooshroom Spawn and a book of lore if you want. This synchronizes well with maps that have lore behind them, as it gives players an opportunity to get immersed in the lore and puzzle out what to do next. Rather than having them slay a certain amount of beasts or spawners, you could put a riddle in their path that teleports them to the next area if they solve it. There are a huge amount of opportunities with this mod that I hope map makers take advantage of. 

There is so much potential that I have no idea where to begin when it comes to all the uses. I can only start to explain what tools are available. The edit system is very intuitive and simple to start up. You can begin immediately with /progression edit, and everything you do is saved permanently to the server. Other players with access to the command can also open up the same menu. Organizing events can get a little daunting when you have many different ones going on, but at the very least, they do give you an opportunity to scroll horizontally. 

While it does function with other mods, it isn’t quite NEI. Giving custom items to the players isn’t impossible, but it can be a hassle, especially with custom items. This is really just me being picky. It’s the only real fault I can find with the mod. With a bit more time and a few updates, I imagine these extra functions will be implemented.

Progression is absolutely amazing in its ability to finely tune a player’s experience without including any new armor, ores, tools, machines, or miscellaneous trinkets. Instead, it focuses on what is already included in the game and makes that more customizable. Server owners can create incredibly unique experiences for their world, map makers can integrate their lore and reward players for ingenuity, and modpack developers can limit progression based on the early choices of players. It’s an amazing mod that hopefully picks up a following. Whether or not you’re used to playing in creative or making maps, I would encourage you to pick this mod up and see if you can make something fun.


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