Mod Spotlight: Creepy Creepers Creeping Creepily


Creepers! The first, true original monster to jump-out of Minecraft and right into our hearts. Well, for most people. For others, they’re one of the biggest menaces in any given game of Minecraft, and possibly something to truly fear, even in your most defensive times. But even these explosive monsters are not immune to the Minecraft modding bug, and have had their role in the game altered in a few unique ways. And in celebration of 18 different countries celebrating their independence this month, we’re going to look at some of these Creeper-based mods. 

Elemental Creepers


One of the more well-known Creeper mods is Elemental Creepers. This mod takes the initial, heart-stopping effect of the Creepers, and expands upon it in a couple dozen ways, adding several different kinds of Creepers to the game that each have different effects upon exploding. Some of them, like the Fire Creeper, Water Creeper or Snow Creeper might be a bit more obvious in what they do, while others (such as the Psychic Creeper or Illusion Creeper) are a lot more tricky.

Yet more of these creepers can actually be beneficial, such as the Stone Creeper, while yet more are outright benevolent, like the Cookie Creeper and the Friendly Creeper (which you can feed gunpowder to keep as a pet).

The addition of all these different Creepers can make for a tougher, but very interesting game. There’s a lot more danger, sure, but it definitely liven things up when you have to do a little more than avoid a little explosion! 

Just be sure to watch-out for the Big Bad Creep! 


Female Creepers


If you want a bit of Creeper variety, but without all the danger of Elemental Creepers, then Female Creepers might be an interesting mod for you. This mod adds pink “female” Creepers to the game. These pink Creepers are completely passive and are unable to explode. They mill about like other passive mods, and will occasionally lay male and female Creeper eggs—sometimes with a baby Creeper inside, and sometimes empty. All the eggs can be boiled into a food item that can restore a little health, or then be combined into Creeper egg soup. Eggs containing babies can be thrown like chicken eggs for a chance at making a baby Creeper, which can create teeny-tiny explosions.

Additionally, this mod causes the female and normal Creepers to drop “Creeper skin,” which can be crafted into a full suite of armor. Having a whole set of one type can cause Creepers to be pacified.

Female Creepers is a somewhat light mod, but it can eventually give you some nice benefits in a new farmable food source, and a special way to avoid the wrath of Creepers.


Aqua Creepers


Just when you thought the ocean was safe, there’s a new way to explode in the world. The Aquatic Creepers mod is exactly what it sounds like—it adds a new fish-like mod that spawns in the ocean, and otherwise acts as a Creeper would. These aquatic Creepers have got some nice speed in the water, and can be quite a hazard if you’re trying to cross an ocean.

The aquatic Creepers are near-constantly leaping out of the water, so you may be able to avoid them if you can see them. But otherwise, this little mod certainly adds new depth to the Minecraft oceans.


Creeper Confetti 

So, maybe you’re like me and you’re not looking for a way to make the game more difficult. I prefer to play calm games of Minecraft, but sometimes turning the game on peaceful can deny me some of those mob drops. But having to deal with surprise Creepers can be a huge pain! Creeper Confetti, however, can help with that! This is a very simple mod that basically neutralizes the vanilla Creepers. They still spawn and walk around, but rather than exploding, causing damage and ruining the terrain, they simply explode into firework particles


Creepers giving you trouble? Now they’re festive! 

So, if you’re looking to lighten the mood of your Minecraft game, but don’t want to switch entirely to peaceful, adding Creeper Confetti can be a nice alternative! 

All four of these mods are available through the Curse client on the latest version of Forge. Try to check them out if you can!


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