ModSpotlight: Monsters Mobs and Pets

It’s June! And that means it’s also National Zoo and Aquarium Month in the United States! In these warm summer months, it’s a great opportunity to get outside and see a lot of creatures you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. Or to get inside a nice, air conditioned aquarium and see all the beautiful aquatic life living inside.

But if you don’t feel like going outside; fear not! because the wonderful world of modded Minecraft has its own huge selection of wonderful and terrifying creatures to keep you entertained all month, and beyond. 


Mo’ Creatures

Certainly not a recent mod, but definitely one that’s still alive and kicking. Mo’ Creatures adds a large variety of passive and aggressive mobs to the Minecraft world. The range of mobs it adds extends from the common (such as rabbits, deer or little birds), to the exotic (including large cats, various snakes and sharks), as well as a handful of fantastical creatures, such as orcs, werewolves and tamable mobs like wyverns and unicorns. Several other of the domestic mobs can be tamed as pets, including cats, goats and turtles!

While some of these new mobs can be dangerous; they, altogether, make for a very enriching Minecraft wilderness. 

With Mo' Creatures and some Sugar Cane, I can have as many turtle pets as I want!



Dark Menagerie

While the name makes it sound like you’re going to be attacked by all kinds of evil, Dark Menagerie is actually a very pleasant mod. The creator, RWTema, has stated their goal as wanting to add some mobs to Minecraft without taking anything away from the vanilla experience of the game. And true to that word, many of the creatures fit in seamlessly with the vanilla mobs. Mummies behave a lot like Zombies, and the Fire Ants are similar to Spiders. I think the only exception is the rare Energy Ghost, which can only be dispatched with any type of enchanted sword. Several of the creatures interact with each other, as well. Elephants will run away from the mice, and the Infested Villager will provide potion-like buffs to all other hostile mobs it finds. Additionally, the Mantikittens will attack mice and Creepers with their claws and stingers. 

Mantikittens will chase Creepers, and attack them by shooting barbs from their stingers. 

While Dark Menagerie only adds 9 new mobs at the moment, RWTema has mentioned an interest in adding even more mobs in the future. 


Lycanite’s Mobs

So you might be thinking, “Those mods are nice, but I really want a mod just full of creatures that want to kill me.” Well lucky for you, Lycanite is able to give you just that! Lycanite’s Mobs is a mod that adds several dozen new, biome-specific (including the Nether and The End) mobs to Minecraft—and most of them are hostile and deadly. While the most dangerous of the mobs are slightly rarer, this mod definitely adds a whole new layer to the survival aspect of the game. But it also adds a number of new, passive mobs that can be farmed for food and supplies. Almost every new mob also has its own, unique drops, and Lycanite has added several things to craft or make use of each of these drops. 

Lycanite's Mobs are as dangerous as they are handsomely rendered. 

The mod also has its own list of achievements, allowing you to keep track of how many of each unique creature you’ve killed. While this is a very dangerous mod, it’s also very rewarding! 


Inventory Pets

Now, maybe you’re like me and you’re not looking for a tougher survival game, and instead just want to make friends with all the new creatures. If that’s the case, you may want to look into Inventory Pets. Rather than adding a number of new creatures to the world, Inventory Pets is more of a tool or utility mod. You’re able to craft of find your little friends, who can perform a variety of neat functions for you as long as you keep them in your hotbar… and fed! There are mob-based pets, like the Enderman (lets you teleport) or the Ocelot (gives you night vision, catches fish and sends Creepers running!), but there are also tool-based pets (the Crafting Table pet lets you use a crafting table anywhere, and the Anvil pet slowly repairs your tools) and utility pets (the bed pet lets you sleep anywhere, and the Nether Portal pet lets you teleport to/from the Nether, and even remembers where you teleported from, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost).

There are also four “legendary pets” that can only be found in four mod-created “dungeons,” which are usually guarded by some kind of mostly vanilla creature, like Blazes in the cloud dungeon, or water-breathing spiders in the beach dungeon. 

All four of the dungeons in Inventory Pets. Each one has a chance of spawning the "Legendary Pets." 

Inventory Pets also has its own achievements, letting you know when you’ve obtained certain milestones in the number of pets you’ve obtained, including when you have all of them. 


Things sure are getting crowded in here!

These are just some of the mods available that add wildlife. You can find more by clicking on the "Mob" category on or CurseForge, or sorting mods by category in the CurseVoice client. Try adding some new wildlife to your world.


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