Mod Spotlight: Brewcraft

As someone who loves potion brewing, I absolutely had to check-out Brewcraft, made by Enosphorous. Rather than adding a bunch of extra stuff, Brewcraft mostly seeks to improve the potion brewing system already in Minecraft by giving you the means to mass-produce potions, as well as adding a few more potions and effects. The basics of the mod become available as soon as you’d be able to brew potions in vanilla Minecraft.

You can craft the Brewery as soon as you're able to craft the vanilla potion stand!

Some of the new potion effects include basic ones, like being able to inflict nausea, mining fatigue or slowness or hunger, but also completely new ones like; “Eternal Flame,” which catches drinkers or those hit on fire; holy water, which does great damage to undead mobs, and instantly heals Zombie Villagers; or, one of my new favorites, the potion of combustion, which will blow-up those hit by the potion after a short delay, depending on the length of the brewed potion.


The Combustion Potion can be made with long or short fuses, and with an explosion radius if 4 to 11 blocks! These cows only had a few seconds before they were a pit and some steak. 

The mod also comes ready with wooden kegs, made from each type of wood in vanilla Minecraft, which can store several buckets-worth of potions in somewhat decorative-looking blocks. You can also make iron kegs to hold lava. The mod also comes pre-loaded with extra metal kegs for compatibility with silver, copper, bass and a couple other mod-specific metals. Kegs sealed with slime balls can also hold gasses, if they happen to exist for other mods.


 The kegs on the left are made with all 6 vanilla woods, iron and mixed with Slime Balls. The ones on the right are made with mod-based metals. 

Speaking of storing potions; Brewcraft also introduces different sizes of bottles to hold your potions. There are small beakers to hold less potion, and bottles larger than the vanilla glass bottle for holding more. These different sizes of bottle also naturally shorten or lengthen a potion’s effect, depending on the bottle’s size. It’s a nice way to conserve glass when making splash potions (which exist in the new bottle sizes as well).


Each type of bottle with its "splash" variant

Probably my favorite aspect of the mod, however, is its only other machine; the Sprayer. The sprayer can be loaded full of a potion, like the kegs, and when it is given a redstone signal; it will spray the potion it is holding in an area around it. You can’t adjust the distance it sprays, but you can adjust how often it sprays the potion as long as it receives a redstone signal. It makes for a neat way to get quick heals for yourself, or set-up traps against mobs and other players. Just be careful about spraying them with an explosive potion so close to your base. You wouldn’t want to explode yourself!


With a quick redstone signal, you can hit an area with good or bad potions. 

The mod doesn’t seem perfectly sealed however. There are a couple small issues with the GUI; sometimes potions will just disappear instead of being placed inside the machines or kegs, or other times you’ll see the liquid appear inside, but you’ll still be holding the bottle full of it—giving you infinite potion. As cool as the mod is, this very basic part of it needs to be fixed to avoid frustration and confusion. Additionally, many of the new potion recipes are not compatible with NEI, forcing you to have to guess, or look-up the potion recipes.This mod has the potential to be one of my favorites, and could mix well into several themes of modpacks, but these two big problems really hold it back.





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