Mod Spotlight: Apple Milk Tea

Apple&Milk&Tea (or just AppleMilkTea) is a mod created by Japanese mod-maker defeatedcrow, and distributed with permission by RazzleberryFox. This mod looks to bring some decorative blocks and lots of food to the Minecraft experience. AppleMilkTea introduces a few new plants to enrich the culinary side of the game by allowing the player to brew tea and coffee, as well as make a variety of dishes, including a selection of icecreams, candy and hot dishes. For more industrious players, the mod also has its own battery-powered power system, and the Jaw Crusher machine which can be used to double your ores, or re-purpose old tools.

A jaw crusher multiplying ores 

As part of the aesthetic of the mod, almost all of the foods and drinks are placed in the world as entities, and then consumed with the chopsticks. While not exactly ideal for fast, on-the-go eating while exploring, it makes for a unique and, well, cute way to present and consume food in a more relaxed environment.

And to really get me excited, all of the teas, cocktails and ice creams inflict a variety of positive and negative potion effects. Instead of drinking a potion, you could have some grape ice cream for a speed boost, or drink a Screwdriver and get 10 minutes of Speed II! (with only a few seconds of hunger and nausea). Or eat some mint ice cream, one of my favorites, to amplify any potion effects you already have. On top of these foods, you can create incense out of essential oils you make or buy from new villagers. These 10 incenses can have effects on players, blocks as well as hostile mobs by simply burning them in their vicinity. 

The pools of water and lava above are starting to "chill out" thanks to the freezing incense inside of the burner. 

AppleMilkTea introduces a number of decorative items including some lovely lamps in blue, orange, white and black, and a new, spiky fence. It has some novelty decoration in a lot of new storage blocks for a variety of items, much like the metal and diamond blocks of vanilla Minecraft. I also like the "tissue box" storage container for paper. 

 Just a few of the decorative and storage blocks in the mod can be seen below. 

One of the mod’s biggest down-sides, however, is that it seems to be predetermined to be mixed with other mods, or seems otherwise incomplete in some ways. For example, there’s no recipe in the game for the miso soup ingredients, and thus no way to make that food, and no tomatoes at all, disallowing the creation of tomato juice and the recipes it is used for. This is curbed, somewhat, by the two new villagers trading in mod-specific items at an increased rate than other villagers. This works on one level, such as trading for the Proven Frame from apiarist villagers in Forestry. But when the new villagers become the only resource for a larger majority of items in the mod (including certain decorations and the mint plant), it’s a lot more annoying. It can be especially irritating if you are unable to easily locate a village—let alone one spawned with a cafe or warehouse.

A Warehouse and Warehouse Manager (left) and a Cafe and Cafe Master (right). 

Lastly, the mod is a bit expansive, and has a lot of recipes to know and remember for all of its new food items. NEI is very useful for a lot of these base recipes, but some of the new machines and energy system can be hard to get without a lot of trial-and-error, or just playing around a lot in creative mode. AppleMilkTea does have its own wiki, and is actually very informative. The wiki, however, is in Japanese. You can get Google to translate the whole thing for you, but then you have to deal with Google Translate’s unusual sentence structure at times, which can be almost as confusing. 

The fruits of my labor, playing for the first time; some mint tea, mint ice cream and mint candy. 

But I think AppleMilkTea is a very cute mod, and could slip in very easily with several other mods in a modpack. Especially ones that can make good use of its food growing and cooking production, as well as its use of potion effects in those foods and drinks. Plus, if it gets more popular, maybe there can be some concentrated effort to translate the wiki, and then it won’t take me half an hour to figure out that the ice crusher uses ice and snow as fuel.


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