Minecraft Spotlight: Colorful Armor

Minecraft Spotlight
Colorful Armor

In another edition of our weekly Minecraft Spotlight we will take a look at Colorful Armor, a mod developed by McElhinneyJ that makes armour customisable.

When it comes to armour, there are not many ways to differentiate yourself from other players in Minecraft. Of course you could wear a different type of armour, but there are not that many to choose from. The exception is leather armour, which is the only type of armour that can be dyed in various colours. This mod aims to get rid of that limitation, by letting you customise other pieces of armour as well.

Customising your armour can be done the same way as leather armour. Simply combining the pieces with the dye colour of your choice, by placing them anywhere on the crafting grid, is all you need to do. While process is the same, the result is a little different. Firstly, the paint job will cover the whole surface of the armour. With leather armour, some parts, such as the knees, would keep the brown colour after dyeing. This is not a huge issue though, as the coloured armours still look good. A more interesting difference is the way colours blend with the armour's material. For example, colouring a piece of diamond armour black will make it dark green, while its iron counterpart will become black. This is certainly a nice touch, as you can still differentiate each type of armour even after dyeing them and it gives you more customisation options as well.

Gallery: Colorful Armor

If you ever get bored of your dyed armour you can easily change it, without having to craft a new set. Any piece of coloured armour can be returned to its original state, using a sponge. All you will need to do is placing the armour and the sponge into the crafting grid, and the result will be a regular piece of armour. To make it easier to get your hands on a sponge, the mod also makes them craftable. A sponge can be crafted by combining bone meal, a bucket of water and wool. Like all recipes in this mod, the items do not need to be placed in a specific pattern on the grid.

Installation & Requirements

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download Colorful Armor from here.
  3. Locate your mods folder (%appdata%\Roaming\.minecraft\mods).
  4. Place the MSM-SNAP-3.0.0e-For-MC-1.7.10.jar file in there.
  5. Enjoy your newly installed Forge mod!

If this is your first time using mods, or if you just do not want to install it manually, I would recommend getting the installer version of Forge. Simply running that installer is all you will have to do, it will automatically locate your Minecraft folder.

Besides armour, this mod does not off customisation for other items. Fortunately, there is another mod available by the same author, which introduces colourful weapons and tools. This mod can be downloaded from here, and is to be installed the same way as Colorful Armor.


Included with the mod is a brief configuration file, which lets you toggle dying on or off for each type of armour individually. Similarly, you can also disable other features, such as particle effects and special armours.

(click to enlarge)

Final Words

Colorful Armor could be a great addition to your game if you are interested in extending the possibilities of Minecraft's dyeing system. The mod allows you to dye all types of armour, which is done the same way as other dyeable items. Now you can have armour suitable for any type of character.


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