Modpack Spotlight: For the Love of Adventure

It's nice to come around and get a look at one or two mods—or some modpacks that collect a few unique mods for a fun, little experience. But sometimes… you just want… a little of everything. A real chunky modpack with so many options and possibilities that you could spend weeks, even months playing in the same world before you've touched a little of everything. “For the Love of Adventure” is just such a pack. With a massive list of approximately 140 practical, decorative and utility mods, you're sure to stay busy for quite a long time!

115 pages of items in this view--if you're seeing this, then you're only just getting started!

“For the Love of Adventure,” owned and operated by tlovetech, CandiceJoy, MoxieGrrl and StoneWaves, is not designed for any one single purpose beyond putting the impetus on the player to figure-out what they're going to do and how. It could be that your goal is to craft the absolute best armor and weapons and really hone your battle skills against the many monsters, dungeons and dimensions available in several other mods. Maybe you're just a little bored of the typical vanilla scenery and want to see strange new lands and biomes—some of which can stretch into the astounding. Or it could be that you just want to sit-back and build the most absolutely perfect home-base, fortress, castle or whatever! Or even that you want to become a master of multiple highly technical mods—be that creating a perfect, lasting energy source, or getting knee-deep in breeding bees, trees and/or butterflies. There's absolutely a ton of options! 

I have even less idea of what I'm doing! There's so many things!

Incidentally, the sheer amount of things to do makes “For the Love of Adventure” a fantastic mod for multiple players—the more the merrier! A group of friends could work together to achieve all these available goals: one person could be building the greatest-looking and most protective home; while another masters Thaumcraft; while yet another procures the best tools and weapons, and uses them to hunt-down rare or unusual resources; and another still can be working hard to breed diamond-producing bees! Alternatively, they could compete with one-another to see who can reach certain goals or achievements first—such as seeing who can find, get to and defeat a Lich King in the Twilight Forest first! Though, some of the tougher bosses provided by that and other mods may make you wish you were working together! “For the Love of Adventure” also has a couple utilities in it to assist with server owners, as well. 

With my friends focusing on the difficult tasks, I can focus on what's REALLY important... lots of digging!

Me—I'm the adventurous sort, so I really like mods that add more dimensions. If I see a new dimension-adding mod (or mods that heavily alter the appearance of vanilla dimensions, like Biomes O'Plenty), I like to sometimes just load it up in creative and fly-around, just exploring everything. “For the Love of Adventure” has 9 different, dimension-adding mods; The Aether II, The Twilight Forest, the Erebus, Atum, the Deep Dark and the Last Millennium in Extra Utilities, Fossils and Archeology's Anu Castle, RunicDungeons and the intriguing AbyssalCraft; which, in itself, adds 3 endogenous dimensions, found deeper within each other. And that's not counting MystCraft, which expands the possible dimensions into, basically, infinity.

Where would you like to go?

And as I already said; there's an enormous amount of possibilities when it comes to the chic builder and designer. With the enormous selection provided by DecoCraft, Chisel 2, BiblioCraft (itself integrated with Biomes O'Plenty, Natura and Forestry), and the decorative properties of ExtraTrees, Extra Utilities and ProjectRed Illumination—in addition to several (intentionally or not) decorative blocks provided by mods like Botania, RailCraft, Tinker's Construct or Atum—a builder has just about everything at their disposal to create the absolutely perfect, well, anything! Built something huge and glorious, or sprawling and intricate, or simple but majestic. Everything's right there at the tip of your finger and the tip of your pickaxe. 

A cozy room or a tragic mess? All this and much, much more is available through various decorative mods in this pack.

The opportunities are nearly endless with this enormous pack—I spent a good hour or more just perusing all the items in NEI, and exploring all the options. And I didn't even catch everything the first time through! And all this is available to you exclusively through Curse Voice. So go on and build, fight, explore, learn and have fun… all for the love of adventure.


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