ModPack Spotlight: Dude Where's My Blocks?

There are several challenging Minecraft mods out there… Some that will test your fighting skills; some that will test your game and mod knowledge; and some that test your ability to survive in difficult situations. “Dude, Where's My Blocks?,” however, will test your patience. 

On the surface, this modpack by Claycorp looks like it would provide an advanced Minecraft experience, but ultimately isn't all that different from several other, bigger-name modpacks available through the Curse launcher. However, they've also included a few tricks to make your experience a lot more interesting. 

The main gimmick of the pack is the use of the “CrayCrafting” mod. The CrayCrafting mod basically takes all available crafting recipes, and instead provides an alternate solution. So instead of using two sticks and a piece of cobblestone to produce a stone shovel, you may instead get the Zombie Scepter prize from defeating Twilight Forest's Lich King. In “Dude, Where's My Blocks?,” CrayCrafting has received some special tweaking, however, that not only randomizes the results of crafting recipes, but also changes that result to something different at random intervals. So sure; you were able to transform dark oak logs into diamonds a second ago, but now you get blue-dyed Soul Sand—enjoy!


Between my playing and dying in this same game, you can see some of the transformations the typical "oak logs into oak planks" recipe goes through. Instead of oak planks, I can get things like sandstone, green wool slabs, and orange-dyed obsidian--among all other possibilities! 

On the upside, this presents an exceptional survival challenge in having to rethink how you do everything, but it also means you may not get any tools or weapons to help you do much advancing. On the flip side, however, after a bout of amnesia, you could also mass-produce extremely powerful weapons or armor at the cost of four pieces of sand each. 

Why even bother going to the Twilight Forest and fighting some boss-monster, when I can get zombie minions by just trying to make a shovel? 

The other “hero” of this mod pack is “Bad Ores.” Now, when I first started playing with this pack, I knew literally nothing about Bad Ores—and it, in fact, made for a hilarious first experience with both the modpack and Bad Ores specifically. After futzing-about for a while, I managed to finally get one of the recipes to give me a pickaxe! I was pretty excited, and got to mining as quick as I could… absolutely not paying attention to the fact that my new axe was apparently made of a special ore called “Crashium.” Think real hard what you think “Crashium” tends to do when you mine with it. But Bad Ores is so well integrated with the other randomized aspects of “Dude, Where's My Blocks?,” that I didn't even notice.


The best picture I could take before my game crashed. Even when taking a picture of the crash-log afterwards, I didn't even notice that the cause was "Crashium." 

AND THEN—this one took me even longer to notice—I got a pair of boots made of “Endium.” Nothing too telling about that, right? I assumed it was related to the other items from “Ender IO.” But, for some reason, I was suddenly being very randomly teleported—primarily into the ground deep below me, and far into the sky. After a while, I was starting to feel like that potted plant from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In actuality, however, Enderite is from Bad Ores, and when using tools or wearing armor made of it, you have a tendency to be teleported. 

Eventually--trying to craft bone meal gave me an amulet, granting me dragon wings, and the ability to fly--making me think I'd conqured the random teleporting... not knowing I'd already solved it by switching to boots made of Crapium instead of Endium.


Additional ores in Bad Ores will also make random noises just by your being in proximity—even if they're buried a few layers in the ground below you as you're trying to explore.

I hope I'm not sounding too dour about this modpack. I had a fantastic and hilarious time playing with it for a while despite the asinine things happening to me, and the maddening noises constantly playing everywhere I went. If anything, “CrayCrafting” is an amusing mod that feels like it's in the same, “everything you know is different” vein as, say, randomizing Pokemon games. The “amnesia” aspect on top makes it even crazier. If you feel like trying something confounding and entertaining, then definitely give “Dude, Where's My Blocks?” a look. 

Despite my handicap, I was eventually able to build a very mismatched house. Unfortunately, from this angle, you can't see the part of the wall that's made of an Ender-quarry, a super-computer, and a Twilight Forest utility block. I was never able to craft a proper door, though...


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