Modpack Spotlight: Under the Garden 2

With a casual glance at Under the Garden 2 (UtG2)’s list of mods, you wouldn’t really think it’s all that special compared to a lot of other mod packs out there. It has a lot of typical mods; Tinker’s Construct, Forestry, Bibliocraft, Applied Energetics and etc. (check out the full list on UtG2's Curse page!). But what really separates UtG2 from a lot of other packs is the intention behind its creation. UtG2’s creator, triptyl, wanted to make a modpack that could reasonably run on less powerful types of computers. And as someone with a computer that struggles to run most popular modpacks, this was a concept I could fully get behind! 

I'm not used to dealing with some of these mundane machines. This is how you dig, right? Surely the magical crystal is helping. 

Just to really push its limits, I loaded a new world with UtG2 with all of Minecraft’s default visual settings—“fancy” graphics, maximum lighting … clouds, and etc. Even with all these settings; once the world loaded, it ran about the same as I would expect vanilla Minecraft to run for me. I still had a little bit of lag and hitching, as I’ve come to expect from my computer and its little graphics card. But when I switched to my usual graphics settings (and stopped loading so many chunks at once) the game ran perfectly fine—with almost none of the graphical issues I’m used to encountering with modpacks with as many mods as UtG2. 

What am I even doing here? Collecting magic powers with flowers? Does the big green block help with that? 

Of course, I didn’t get any huge machines or systems set-up in my short time playing with the pack, but even while running around and playing with a few things in creative mode, I certainly noticed the pack getting along well with my computer--so UtG2 is certainly something I can recommend to someone looking for a more fulfilling modpack experience, but is usually unable to play with some of the more popular packs due to the limitations of their computer.

And as I mentioned previously, this pack contains a lot of commonly-used mods, giving the player that exposure, as well as including some very nice decorative mods like Chisel 2, which also works with Microblocks. 

Here, I was having fun playing with Chisel 2. The variety of textures it gives to even mundane blocks like stone and dirt are pretty great and decorative. 

I have to say; it’s refreshing and comforting to see a modpack designed for those of us without the ability to play high-end games, or some of the more intense modpacks. With Under the Garden 2 as their leader, maybe we can also look forward to more and themed packs designed for lower-end computers as well. Workable mods permitting, of course. 

This is what you do, right? You feed the broken blocks back into the quarry pit?


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